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  • In what was originally the final storyline of Fans! (they've started making them again) begins as a quest to save the relationship of two recurring TV reporters, which ends when the two of them, as well as Lovable Traitor Desmond Jones attempt to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. They find out too late that they're actually being used to power an Artifact of Doom, which proceeds to wreak havoc, and then the three are never mentioned again. Granted, the main characters have other things to worry about in the short term, but come on, even Kana gets more of a send-off...
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  • Roman Wunderlich once dropped a bridge on Snuka and his Old Master.
  • Angels 2200 did this to all of Corona Squadron, minus one, with debris from their own ship
    • In the same battle, Loser suffered the same fate.
  • Right before the final boss in RPG World, the comic cuts to a sideplot sequence, then back to an unrelated sequence in which the hero is eaten by a random monster. It ends with a closeup of two character gravestones, and the caption "Game Over Forever"
  • The Last Days of FOXHOUND, a Metal Gear Solid parody webcomic. It takes place immediately before the events of the first MGS game, and the last handful of comics show the lead-up to Shadow Moses. Comic #498 has Liquid Snake grinning like a kid in a candy store, exclaiming "It's happening. it's happening.... it's finally happening" just as Solid Snake is about to get his Tactical Espionage Action on. Comic #499: Dead Decoy Octopus disguised as Anderson, dead Baker, dead Psycho Mantis, dead Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven eaten by his ravens, broken Metal Gear on top of dead Grey Fox, dead Liquid Snake. It's not called "The Last Days of Foxhound" for nothing, after all. Of course, Liquid got better...
    Liquid: That sucked.
  • The Other Warriors in 8-Bit Theater were cruelly killed off, likely to resolve their fate(s).
    • And then there's this.
  • In Kevin & Kell, the fly headmaster of Caliban Academy is killed by a sheet of glass falling from a truck in his second appearance in the comic, enabling Fran Caudal to take on his position.
  • Valeska Kohler from Panthera goes out this way when Oosterhuis/Ari goes One-Winged Angel on the Panthera crew and simply tells her to "die".
  • Gaia from Draconia Chronicles. Unlike the two Tigresses who fell in chapter one, who went down fighting, Gaia's death was abrupt, meaningless (she was clearly a noncombatant) and pathetic. Her death doesn't even get any acknowledgement aside from a small passing remark from Queen Oscura.
  • Homestuck:
    • Happens to Mom and Dad. They don't even get a death scene.
    • In the End of Act Five, this happens to most of the Exiles. Three are unceremoniously beheaded/stabbed.
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    • This seems to be the fate of anyone from a doomed timeline apart from Davesprite.
    • Mom and Dad are back in Act 6 thanks to the Reset Button (kinda).
    • Every player loses either their real or dream selves in the story, and most of the time it falls under this. Jake's and most of the troll's were even killed offscreen, the former by CD and the latter by Jack.
  • In Night Terror, Jasper and Darren both die off-screen between Night Terror 1 and 2. What happened to Jasper is unknown. Darren, however, made a Deal with the Devil (or rather, the Boogeyman), freeing him from his addiction but corrupting him into Proditophobia. Both come back in the end, though.
  • Uniju Holiday Theater uses this occasionally, although since it's a comedic comic series, Death Is Cheap and most characters usually come back afterwards.
    • DarkHero Sonic gets shot in the head by Muslim terrorists in Uniju Is Blowing Everything Up, but comes back to life within the very same comic, crediting "modern Brittanian medical science" for his recovery.
    • The titular Uniju abruptly dies at the very end of Halloween MMIX due to getting terrible indigestion after eating candy. Naturally, being the author and titular character, he comes back too.
  • Before the opening pages of Voldemort's Children, the Aurors made sure Voldemort stayed dead when Harry was still a baby, short-circuiting the plot of all seven books.


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