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  • Mac Hall has a comic about this after one of the artist's friends turned off the street and drove over a curb just to get into a parking space.
    "I'm an excellent city driver! Hell I'm a car NINJA!
    See that parking space?! I'M THERE!! The driver next to us?! DEAD!
  • Molly in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. It doesn't help that she doesn't have a license, her driving is self-taught, she tends to swipe people's cars without permission, and that she has installed a turbo boost button on Bob's car.
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  • In Freefall, Helix points out to Florence that, quote, "standing in a burning building while blind circus midgets throw knives at you is safer than driving across town with Sam", end quote.
    Florence: You're right. Bad example.
    Sam: Hey!
  • Adele of Agents of the Realm has a Cool Car and exploits that fact. The first time she drives, she nearly gives Norah a heart attack.
  • It's heavily implied that Virus of Exterminatus Now is this. Despite never seeing him drive or pilot anything in the comic itself, he's managed to work himself a reputation for it, and there is nobody who will let him near a steering wheel. Not even Doc Brown. Not even the Black Guard.
  • A Game of Fools: Joey, who doesn't really comprehend the purposes of speed limits and seems to hit multiple people and cause horrible accidents every time he drives. It's stated in one strip the only reason he got his licence is because the instructor was so terrified she gave it to him so he would stop.
    Police Officer: Do you have any idea how fast you were going?
    Joey: Not really, the speedo only goes up to 180.
    Police Officer: This is a school zone!
    Joey: I figure the less time I spend in the school zone, the less chance I have of hitting someone.
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  • Dr. McNinja's driving is SICKNASTY!
  • Brawl in the Family:
  • In the Touhou doujin 4koma Life of Maid, never let Meiling anywhere near a steering wheel.
  • In Irregular Webcomic!, after a bad traffic gag, the author points out, "The good thing about traffic gags is that you can apply them to every city on the planet, and people will still laugh."
  • In Darths & Droids, whenever Anakin makes a reckless piloting move, there's generally some comment that his player, Annie, is like this in real life. This continues after Annie switches to playing Leia Organa. From strip 999:
    Jim: (in-character as Han Solo) We'll be able to park safely and do a three-point turn without incident.
    Annie: (in-character as Leia Organa) Three point turns are for wusses. Chuck a lateral flame-out.
    Sally: (out-of-character) Yeah! Like you showed me in the car yesterday!
    Ben: (out-of-character) ... Aaaand no more lessons with Annie.
    Sally: Awww!
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  • In Questionable Content, Tai gets much too involved in her thoughts while behind the wheel.
  • In Misfile, Kamikaze Kate, prior to Rumisiel exorcising her sister's ghost from her, definitely fit this trope.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl has Sam.
  • Karate Bears drive like animals, like crazy animals.
  • Doc from The Whiteboard tends to drive several times speed limit. On mountain roads. With little regard to warning signs and barriers. Often in heavily modded vehicles. Roger's unexpected improvements to the vehicles contribute to crashes too. The cast are OK with that, if a bit nervous, but do warn newcomers. And sometimes even they can be surprised.
  • Sluggy Freelance: The one time Torg let Aylee drive, he learned that she thought Carmageddon was supposed to teach proper driving behavior.
  • Tripping Over You: Liam complains about this both in his cousin Alfons (not made better by the fact that Alfons has a Glass Eye) and in his boyfriend Milo, who in turn learned his driving style from his father Dylan.
  • Deer Me: Viana Doesulen really does not like driving. Two strips showed that she sees the the driver's seat as a spiked torture device and the road as a narrow path threatened by falling rocks.
  • Gary Heart in S.S.D.D. Local Axe-Crazy Sociopath Norman is left very shaken.
  • Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth: Flintlocke manages to completely invert a dirigible as well as bank it while perpendicular to the ground, which is somewhere between 'not recommended' and 'physically impossible.' His flying is summed up pithily by their Dirty Coward priest:
    Flintlocke: C'mon, me pilotin' weren't so bad.
    Schweitzer: You fly the way undead eat. Sloppy and terrifying.
  • In Scandinavia and the World, Sister France is proud that her car only has one dent.
  • Schlock Mercenary: Most vehicles have fully automatic driving. Schlock usually takes manual control, but his skills leave something to be desired.
    Chisulo: OWW! Sarge, where did you learn to fly?
    Schlock: I got thrown out of a building once.


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