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  • The Fear Mythos: The Choir alters audio. Guess what comes after that.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Marya finally cracks when she becomes guilt-ridden by all the bad things she's done and commits suicide in order to atone for her sins and be reunited with her husband Kagetsu in the afterlife.
  • Germaine from Neurotically Yours attempts suicide fairly regularly. In one of earliest episodes, she stands with a gun to her head while Foamy relentlessly mocks her lack of resolution and reasons for putting the gun to her head. It's implied that she ends up shooting Foamy. "Almost Serious Suicide".
    • In a later episode, the suicide helpline guy mocks her for using suicide helplines so much.
  • In an example very much not played for laughs, Rainer in Petscop is heavily implied to have killed himself immediately after giving Petscop to "The Family".
    Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Check your bathroom now.
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  • A good chunk of Sailor Nothing derives dramatic tension from a "will she or won't she" situation, especially when it's revealed that every Sailor to ever be in Himei's position ended up killing herself.
  • Many characters in Survival of the Fittest choose to commit suicide rather than kill their classmates or allow themselves to be killed. The most memorable of these is probably River Garraty, who was the first one to kill themselves by intentionally running into a danger zone. In v3, there have been six intentional suicides; Tegan Bianco, Keiji Tanaka, Anna Grout, Bobby Jacks, Gabe McCallum and Quincy Archer. Three other characters killed themselves by accident.
    • Recently in v4, Dawne Jiang commits suicide by remaining in a dangerzone after it has been announced as such. Hermione Miller and Violetta Lindsberg also commit suicide by pulling on their collars.
      • Maria Graham attempts suicide by trying to slash her own throat with a shard of broken glass. Fortunately, one of her friends shows up just in time to stop her.
  • In the web-novel Fragile, Severin has an irrational fascination with the idea of suicide after going insane and is found at the end attempting to slit his wrists; or at least, Page thinks he is, but he finds Severin before anything can be done. It's never stated exactly why, but it might be because he's attempting to escape the pain of being insane.
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  • Jerry at the end of Jerry. The rest of the series elaborates on his backstory and shows how the other characters were affected by the event.
  • The Nostalgia Critic takes special precautions to prevent himself from committing suicide when reviewing Batman & Robin. Even so, he still sneaks in a cyanide pill and takes it during the review. Someone promptly runs on camera and performs the Heimlich Manuver so he survives.
    • In many other reviews, after a particularly bad scene, he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head, and goes back to reviewing three seconds later.
    • When Spoony sends Critic a copy of Reb Brown's Captain America film, Critic hangs himself rather than watch the film.
    • And during The Pebble and the Penguin, he goes to take a bath and brings his toaster with him.
    • Played for Drama in To Boldly Flee, where he admits his Death Seeker intentions to a heartbroken Film Brain. "Return was never an option."
    • Another critic on the site, Film Brain, sometimes places a gun to his head when things are getting to be too much for him. "Why is it always empty?!"
    • The Nostalgia Chick pulls a plastic bag over her head and strangles herself after being subjected to "There Must Be An Angel".
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    • Todd in the Shadows has also killed himself with a grocery bag ("BedRock"). He's also beaten himself to death with a book ("Whatcha Say") and committed seppuku ("Like a G6"). He's put a (toy) gun to his head or under his chin a few times as well.
    • Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall has attempted this both seriously when he believed he had been one of the parents of the girl who became his Cool Gun quite so seriously.
      Linkara: (sawing at wrist with gun) Why doesn't it work?!
      • Also from Atop the Fourth Wall, how Linkara defeats The Entity; he drives it mad by pointing out the pointlessness of it's very existence, then posits the question of what happens when an Outer God dies. The Entity is intrigued and self-destructs, freeing all the people it had captured.
  • One of the authors on Newgrounds committed suicide. Ironic that his first submission to Newgrounds was Fun With Suicide.
  • General Briggs in the final chapter of Broken Saints.
  • According to Bowser's Kingdom episode 10, Lemmy Koopa was driven to suicide because of a mediocre review of the show.
    Hal: Hmm, well let's check out this review.
    Jeff: Lemonater said it was good, but need plot and character development. It was good, but it's not the Fresh Prince.
    Hal: Little did we know that poor Lemmy idolised the Fresh Prince. He's always tried to be like Will Smith and tried his best. He was good... just not Fresh Prince good. *sighs* I miss you Lemmy... *sniff* I miss you...
    Shot of Lemmy hanging himself.
  • Toad is driven to suicide at the end of talk my head off because he killed so many people.
  • In The Guild, Zaboo tries to hang himself with an ethernet code to escape his overbearing mother (no screenshot, but it happened). This ends up being the killing blow for her. Not that she actually dies, it's just in their fantasy of her as a monster...It Makes Sensein Context.
  • Look to the West: Lavoisier offs himself when he learns that the primitive gas chamber he built has been used to execute the French Royal Family.
  • The Spy, from Water-Human, chose to throw himself off a cliff rather than let the Water-Human kill him. In fact, he did this mostly because he was so depressed by how people seemed to constantly die in droves while around the Water-Human.
  • The Original Spoony One came back from the dead in the Final Fantasy X review. He was ready to kill his clone in order to get his show back. After the clone just gave up the show, Original Spoony realized that he had to review Final Fantasy X. He promptly shot himself in the head and became dead. Again.
  • A Magical Girl attempting this by jumping on Live National TV is what starts off the Magical Girl Alliance. But she gets better.
  • Almost in Atop the Fourth Wall. Later Linkara gets Missingno to commit suicide.
  • After two minutes of attempting to play the legendarily broken Big Rigs: Off the Road Racing, Gamespot reviewer Alex Navarro goes outside and lies down on the driveway, presumably in hopes of being run over by an oncoming car.
  • Played for laughs by Jack in-game in two of Rooster Teeth's Let's Plays:
    • In Vs. episode 5, while playing Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, he allows his character, Captain Planet, to fall down a hole, after he found out his special attack ended with an explosion of rainbows and hearts.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 45, he questions if they have to hop through a circle hole. Ray corrects him by saying it's a square hole. Jack hangs his characters head down and throws him into the lava pit nearby.
  • Bob in The Sick Land. The Eldritch Location did it. Or possibly The Virus.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, In Future Trunks's timeline, Yamcha does this when he finds out Bulma got pregnant with Vegeta's baby. After being told this, Goku manages to prevent it in the main timeline by reminding Yamcha they're friends.
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: Implied with Mr. Mason. In episode 26 "Mr. Mason", Jane explains what happened the night when mysterious accident number two occurred and Mr. Mason was the one who was seriously injured, and Jane says he apparently hasn't been feeling alright for some time. It's not stated explicitly, but Jane leaves a link to a suicide help web-page in her video description. However, it's probable that Mr Rochester tries to cover up something even more serious.
  • While Arby 'n' the Chief has been known for its exaggerated view of the online gaming world in its earlier seasons, once its final season drew to its closure, this trope was played both straight and Played for Drama:
  • In Mario Brothers, the ending has this. Mario stops running and lets the lava overtake him.
  • Subverted In Spaz Boys Comedy's Omegle trolling videos. Latrelle, who is one of the puppets, claimed that he would commit suicide if he didn't get an omegle girlfriend, but he never went through with it because he got one.
  • Ever hear of a little creepypasta known as Squidward's Suicide?
    • And its predecessor, Suicide Mouse? The actual episode doesn't depict it, but the people watching do it.
  • In Noob, Dark Avenger's case was technically a Rage Quit, but it played out as his gaming avatar jumping off a cliff and a friend begging him not to jump beforehand.
  • In Chulip, Mr. Yamada steals Mr. Suzuki's Love Letter Set as his severance pay because he isn't being paid his salary because the students have stopped coming and aren't paying tuition. The next day, you learn that you are considered to be Yamada's partner in the theft, even though Suzuki should very well have told whoever it is that you didn't have anything to do with it. In Jamesman's Let's Play of it, this revelation drives him to take the player character to the ledge that requires 17 hearts to survive jumping (since it does 16 hearts of damage) and jump off with only 13.
  • During the playing of one of the Skulltula Houses in the Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the repetition and irritating Golden Skulltula noises get to Ferr "tries" to hang himself, but the rafters aren't strong enough, so he fails.
    Ferr: Am I going to have to hang myself?
    Maxwell Adams: Eventually, yes.
    • Ferr also claims that he usually just hangs himself during the parts of The Lord of the Rings where there's singing.
  • In COPS: Skyrim. One scene has Officer Jenkins suggesting this while listening to an old woman's story during an anger management class. Played for Laughs
    "Could somebody please draw my sword and chop my head off? I'll give you everything I own. I'm serious, how could you have not killed yourself
    by now, lady? That's the most depressing story I've ever heard and she hasn't even covered the teen years yet!"
  • In NFL Quarterbacks On Facebook, the citizens of Cleveland, as well as Browns Fans, would kill themselves after being reminded about the Baltimore Ravens's successes following their move in 1996, especially after winning two Super Bowls.
  • JonTron OD's on Advil and Absolut vodka at the end of the Hercules Games video, feeling the "12 Games of Hercules" aren't worth becoming immortal for.
    • He hangs himself in dismay in response to Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa killing themselves in a Lion King bootleg game.
    • He flops over and explodes when Birdemic makes him decide he's "had enough living for one day."
  • Red from Ruby Quest goes for "the coward's way out" when he realizes the full extent of the damage that the Cure (which he was suspicious of and avoided consuming, despite originally recommending it) was doing to the facility. He doesn't succeed, since Filbert had been secretly dosing him with it. He later tries it during the run of the Quest (presumably after taking precautions to rid himself of every trace of the Cure), and this time he succeeds.
  • The 15 Experience: A video of the events in the house was somehow spread to a (fictional) makeup vlogger named Nikki. Something about the video put her into a trance, and she slammed her head into her computer until she died as a result.
  • RWBY: Salem was made immortal as a punishment for attempting to overthrow the gods. She tried stabbing herself with a sword but couldn't kill herself.
  • The Call of Warr: In Vid's backstory, the decline of his church and the misery spread by the Warr finally got to him, and he was about to kill himself with poison...but chose to pray first, and when he prayed to the "unknown spaces of the universe", he got a response and was able to rebuild his church.
  • AOK Ruins Your Childhood:
    • SUPER MARIO - AFTER THE GAME ends with Mario jumping into an endless pit after he ruins his marriage with Peach.
    • Charlie Brown shoots himself at the end of PEANUTS: THE UNTOLD STORY after learning he has a traumatic brain injury from hitting his head on the ground.
    • In the first Very Off Parents short, a child worker jumps off a roof in order to escape her job.
  • A regular occurrence in the SCP Foundation, for a variety of reasons:
    • Some SCPs will directly induce suicidal behavior in different ways. SCP-916, for example, upfront compels its victims to commit suicide, while SCP-140's compulsions will result in victims expiring after using their own blood to continue writing.
    • Countless SCPs have a Fate Worse than Death, and trapped personnel take the quick way out. This is seen in the Addendum for SCP-835.
    • If SCPs themselves don't get you, your conscience might - the Foundation acknowledges unspeakably horrifying things in order to keep reality safe, which can destroy the people who have to carry out those tasks. For example, the scientist who proposed that Procedure 110-Montauk could be sustained by wiping the victim's memory to prevent her from becoming desensitized promptly committed suicide when it was a success.
    • A number of SCPs are themselves suicidal - sometimes due to their own anomalous nature, sometimes due to the depression of being permanently imprisoned by the Foundation. The Foundation tries to keep them alive, though, either because their suicide could cause harm, or because they're simply too valuable as research subjects to be allowed to die.


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