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Driven To Suicide / Fairy Tales

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  • In Bearskin, when the hero, appalling shaggy, filthy and ragged, but rich, rescues a man from financial distress, the man promises that he may marry one of his daughters. Only the youngest is willing. However, his appearance stemmed from a Deal with the Devil, and that being over, he cleans up nicely, and the older sisters are reduced to envy and commit suicide. The Devil exults to the hero that he has got two souls instead of the one.
  • In The Young Slave, the heroine is so badly abused that she contemplates suicide. Fortunately, her uncle hears her lamenting her woes and saves her.
    She began to weep, and wail, and lament, telling that inanimate piece of wood the story of her travails, speaking as she would have done to a living being; and perceiving that the doll answered not, she took up the knife and sharpening it on the pumice-stone, said, 'If thou wilt not answer me, I shall kill myself, and thus will end the feast;' and the doll swelled up as a bag-pipe, and at last answered, 'Yes, I did hear thee, I am not deaf.'
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  • In The Blue Mountains, the hero despairs of finding the princess, and goes to kill himself with the sword she left him.
  • "Sweetheart Roland" has the title character forget about his lover, the story's heroine. So she turns herself into a flower in the hopes that somebody would trample on her.


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