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Drinking Game / Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Drinking Game for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Because if is there something better than watching a masterpiece anime like Yu-gi-Oh!GX , it is watching it while drinking! Enjoy Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, Alexis and all the other characters of the series having fun at Duel Academy and defeating evil forces emissaries, of course, by playing the most exciting children's card game ever! The following drinking game is based on episodes from 1 to 52.


• Every time Jaden spells the words “game on”: Get your glass on! – Say aloud “Get your game on!”, then you drink.

• Every time Jaden starts laughing while he seems about to lose: This kid is something else! A toast to his recklessness! – You drink.

• Every time Jaden is looking forward to duel: That’s the spirit! A toast to this kid! – You drink.

• Every time Syrus cries or acts cowardly: Cheer him up with a toast! – You drink.

• Every time Chazz says “Slacker” or a duelist laughs evilly: What a grumpy guy! Show him how to take it easy! – You drink.

• Every time a duel starts: Brace yourself! The mystic power of children’s card game is going to be unleashed! – Say aloud “Duel!”, then you drink.

• Every time a monster card is “normal summoned” in face-up defense position: Are you f**king kidding me?? – Say aloud “That’s against the rules!”, then you drink.

• Every time a forbidden card turns up: For shame! Everyone would be able to win like that! Express your disappointment! – Say aloud “Shame on you!”, then you drink. Bonus: If the forbidden card was “Pot of Greed”: How lucky! You draw twice! No, wait…You drink twice!

• Every time a card that does not exist in the official TCG turns up: WTF?? Keep calm and turn a blind eye! – You drink.

• Every time a card effect is revealed to be different from the official TCG one: Hey!! Check it out!! It’s cheating!! – Say aloud “it’s cheating!”, then you drink.

• Every time a duel ends: Well played, everyone! A toast to this wonderful children’s card game. – You drink. Bonus: If the duel was a shadow game: Wouldn’t you be afraid of losing your soul playing a children’s card game? Then chill out! It’s all over now! – You get one more drink.

Hero’s drinking mode:

Wanna drink like a hero? So here we go! The following rules are added to the game:

• Every time a non-fusion Elemental Hero turns up: Hail to the Elemental Heroes! – Mimic its cry, then you drink.

• Every time Winged Kuriboh blinks and/or cries (“Wooo”): How cute! But it won’t be staying long far from graveyard without a little bit of encouragement! – Mimic its cry, then you drink.

• Every time a fusion Elemental Hero turns up: Unity is strength! And the mix is strong! Fusion summon! - mix different alcoholics into you glass, one for each material fusion monster listed on the summoned fusion monster and say aloud “Fusion summon!”, then you drink.

• When a card that does not exist in the official TCG turns up and its effect involves one or more “Elemental Hero” cards: Elemental Heroes! Is there any duel they cannot win? – You get one more drink.

Colorful Version: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Drinking Game - By Lusterdragon09