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Drinking Game / Xenoblade

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Drinking game for Xenoblade:

  • If you are playing the American game in Spanish, drink when a character uses or implies the word "vosotros," a pronoun with little use outside of Spain.
  • Take a sip anytime someone says "chosen wielder/heir to the Monado".
  • Take a sip whenever Reyn says "It's Reyn Time!"
    • Take a sip whenever Shulk calls Reyn a livesaver.
  • Take a sip whenever Sharla overheats her rifle. Two, if you were playing as her.
    • Take a shot if she overheats in the middle of a Chain Attack, or uses Cool Off right as you start a Chain Attack.
  • Take a sip every time Shulk says Fiora's name.
    • Take a sip every time Dunban says Dickson's name.
  • Take a sip if your inventory runs out of room.
  • Take a sip whenever someone mentions what a double-edged sword the Monado is.
  • Take a sip when someone comments on how strong and fantastic the Monado is.
  • Take a sip anytime Reyn does something stupid.
    • Take another sip if Sharla berates Reyn for what he did.
    • Down the shot if Riki comments.
  • In honor of Shulk's appearance in Super Smash Bros., take a shot whenever someone makes a statement and adds, "I can feel it."
  • On that note, take a shot if Shulk declares any of the following during a battle:
    "Alright! I'm feeling it!"
    "I've got a good feeling about this!"
    • Although by this point... you may need to go to the hospital.
  • Take a shot for every time the camera zooms into Seven's boobs to display the plot device on her chest.
  • Take a shot if you are Toppled or Dazed. Take another shot if everyone got hit by an attack that inflicts this.
  • Take a shot anytime a dramatic cutscene is ruined because of the characters' equipment.
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  • Take a shot every time someone says they completely trust Shulk to do the right thing no matter what he does.
  • Take a shot every time "The passage of fate" (word for word) appears in anyone's dialogue. Two if it isn't Zanza. Three if it's not Alvis.
  • Rage-inducing edition: During the battle with Disciple Lorithia, take a shot every time she says her infamous catch phrase:
    "You'll pay for your insolence!"
  • Take a shot every time in the battle with Disciple Dickson, you hear him go "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" out of nowhere.
  • During the Jade Face battle in Agniritha, take a shot every time Shulk sees a vision of him saying "This one will strike you down!" and two shots if the vision comes true and he actually says it
  • Take a shot every time a Telethia knocks you into the Ether in Bionis Interior.
  • Take a shot every time Juju says something annoying.
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  • Take a shot whenever you get a vision for a physical or ether attack that will kill the entire party. Down the shot if you don't have Monado Armour to live it.


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