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Drinking Game / Wonder Pets

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The Wonder Pets drinking game, also called "the most adorable way to get drunk."

  • Drink whenever you hear "This is sewious."
  • Drink whenever celery appears on screen.
  • Before the start of an episode, each player chooses one of the main characters (Linny, Tuck, or Ming-Ming). Multiple people may choose the same character, and not all characters need to be chosen. Whenever a player's chosen character sings, that player must take a drink. When all three main characters sing together, all players must drink continuously for the duration of the song.
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  • Animal species are called out as they appear on screen. At the end of the episode, the player with the most drink remaining is chosen to list all of the animals that appeared over the course of the episode. If the player cannot do so successfully, the player must finish his/her drink.
  • Drink whenever Tuck wants a hug.
  • Drink if something at the start of the episode is used in a similar fashion later on.
  • Drink if the Wonder Pets have to do something to the Flyboat.
  • Drink if Linny tells Tuck "Good eye, Tuck!" more than once in a single story.
  • Drink every time Ollie the bunny does something boneheaded. Feel free to have something special ready, since he only shows up in a handful of stories.


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