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Drinking Game / Winx Club

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Make sure you have someone ready to call 911 before playing!

Take a shot when:

  • Bloom mentions her birth parents and home realm prior to the first movie
  • Stella talks or raves about fashion.
  • Musa and Riven fight
  • There is drama between Bloom and Sky
  • Stella throws a tantrum
  • Flora is the first to get hit or knocked out
  • Whenever one of the Trix refer to the winx as Pixies (4Kids dub only)
  • One for the 4Kids dub: Whenever there is a pointless name change. Down it when It's simply the original character name but spelled differently.

Extreme Version (AKA have hospital on standby)- Take a shot when:

  • A villain does an evil laugh. Down your drink, if it's particularly hammy.(Those watching 4Kids...good luck)
  • One of the girls gets mad at Stella.
  • Layla/Aisha does something Athletic.
  • Musa sings/plays an instrument or beatboxes.
  • The Trix replace the word "bitch" with "witch".
  • When the Winx use convergence, Down your drink if they actually scream it out loud like we don't know it's a convergence.
  • When the big bad for the season betrays the Trix.
  • Riven gets jealous.
  • Bloom is singled out by Big Bad.
  • A love triangle appears.
  • Every time Kiko does something stupid.
  • Every time a new fairy is introduced.
  • Every time someone is hypnotized. Down your drink, if it's someone related to the Winx or a significant other.
  • Every time someone get a new power upgrade.
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  • Every time Stella uses her magic to design outfits for the Winx. Down your drink if it takes her at least two disastrous tries before coming up with something moderately practical.

By the end, if you're not in the hospital I recommend you call 911 immediately for alcohol poisoning.


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