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Drinking game for The Other Wiki:

  • Take a sip whenever you edit a Wikipedia article yourself.
  • Take a sip whenever somebody in Real Life complains about Wikipedia, due to its free-editing premise.
  • Take a sip when you see a vandal get reverted by another user in an article's edit history.
    • Take a sip when the anti-vandal bot "ClueBot NG" is the one who reverts the vandal.
    • Take a shot if the page you're currently on contains presently visible vandalism.
    • Take another one if you reverted such a piece of vandalism yourself while you were there.
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  • Take a sip whenever major development, discovery or tragedy appears in the "In the news" section.
  • Take a sip when an article gets featured on the Main Page.
  • Take a sip if someone edit wars over something.
  • When a dispute devolves into a Flame War, take a sip.
  • Take a sip when something appears in an Administrator's Noticeboard.
  • Take a shot if someone gets blocked for repeatedly poor conduct.
    • Down an entire glass if someone gets banned for exceptionally poor behavior.
  • When someone nominates a page for deletion, take a sip.
    • When an inclusionist or Small Name, Big Ego editor of that article turns up in such discussions, take another sip.
  • Take a shot if someone tagged a section or page as needing expansion, yet that expansion never appears.
  • Take a sip when someone requests that a page's title be changed with a "Requested Move".
  • Take a shot whenever the Arbitration Committee gets involved in a dispute.
    • Down an entire glass when it inevitably results in users being restricted and/or banned.
  • Take a sip if an image is removed or switched with another one due to it being a copyright violation.
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  • Drown your sorrows when a Wikipedia editor dies, turning their entire user page into a memorial.
  • Take a sip if someone gets caught using a sockpuppet in an attempt to bypass a restriction or block.
  • Take a sip if you get jammed in an edit conflict.
  • Take a whole drink if you are blocked.

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