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Drinking Game / Watchmen

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Drinking game for Watchmen:

  • Drink whenever the comic within a comic shows up.
    • Take a finger if there's a world-building Art Shift. Take two if it's from a consistent source (i.e. Hollis Mason's Under the Hood autobiography).
  • Drink two shots whenever Jon doesn't understand humans.
  • Take one sip whenever violence is used to solve a problem.
  • Drink whenever the Comedian does something excessively violent.
  • Drink every time Rorschach goes "Hrm".
    • Conversely, drink whenever Rorschach breaks into Dan's apartment. Take an additional finger for every time he's rummaged through Dan's food and seen eating, or it's brought up that Dan needs a new lock because of said break-in.
    • Drink if he manages to scare the bejeezus out of someone with a completely random Stealth Hi/Bye.
    • Drink if he's seen in his street clothes with his "The End Is Nigh" sign. Add an extra finger if it's used for extra impact at the end of each issue.
  • Drink every time Laurie lights up.
  • Drink every time someone has a flashback.
  • Drink every time you see Dr. Manhattan's penis.
  • Drink whenever there's panel containing a high amount of intense yellow lighting during a contextually important scene.