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Drinking Game / Top Down Perspective

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The Top Down Perspective Podcast, like any other work in which a few people spend a lot of time together, tends to result in very notciable patterns, so let's exploit it!

.....or not. Afterall, many of the veiwers don't drink, and neither does ProtonJon even!

Therefore, like all drinking games , take it as a joke, we do not recommend actually literally doing this, You Have Been Warned.

You should not take a sip when:


  • Jon says "Emails!" in older editions, 2 sips if someone else says it instead.
  • Someone says "That's Dumb!"
  • Ghost Trick is mentioned.
  • Sean mentions the Professor Layton games.
  • Paul mentions his cat, 3 sips if he says how it's a piece of shit.
  • Chat is salty in general.
  • One or more of the hosts are saltly about a particular game they played that week, 1 sip for each host that is saltly.
  • Paul asks for lots of emails from viewers. (the overhead veiwers love you paul! <3)
  • Chat does something chat-like.......but that's 24/7, so it counts only when the hosts take note of it. (that'll make it possible for VOD/youtube veiwers to actually know as well.)
  • Jon talks about why he doesn't drink.
  • The hosts talk about uniquely, stereotypical Canadian things.
  • F is pressed. But in order to prevent poisoning, only when F is asked to be pressed, not for everyone that does in fact press F.
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  • Jon's gaming muesuem is mentioned, finish your drink, and chug the bottle if someone donates to it. If it's a Wii mini that was donated, then you had better stop keeping count, you're likely too drunk by now.

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