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Drinking Game / Thomas the Tank Engine

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Drinking Game for Thomas the Tank Engine.

  • Whenever The Fat Controller says "Confusion and delay" or "You're a really useful engine!", take a drink.
  • Whenever Gordon says "O the indignity!" or "Express coming through!", drink.
  • When a character gets into an accident, drink.
    • Take another one if it's Percy.
    • Take four drinks if it’s Edward or Toby.
  • Whenever Thomas does something stupid, drink.
  • Whenever Gordon or James behaves haughtily, drink.
    • Take another if it isn't Gordon or James, or if it causes an accident (if both happen, take a drink for each one).
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  • Whenever Thomas complains about his snowplough, drink.
  • Whenever the narrator says "Then there was trouble" or "Luckily, no one was hurt", drink.
  • Whenever James brags about his red paint, drink.
  • Whenever Percy asks about the meaning of a word, drink.
  • Whenever Duck brings up his Great Western heritage or starts talking about "two ways of doing things", drink (if both happen, treat it as a singular action).
  • Whenever the narrator uses the phrase "[insert character's name here] was/felt cross/happy/sad", drink.
    • Take another if it isn't any of those three words.
  • When the narrator says "Then, an idea flew into [insert character's name here]'s funnel", drink.
  • Everytime the characters laugh spontaneously, drink.
  • When Duncan is grumpy, drink.
  • When Diesel acts like a jerk, drink.
  • When Bill and Ben are Trolls, drink.
    • Whenever they argue, take another drink.
  • When Dart says 'What he means is', drink.
  • When a character says 'Bust my buffers!' or 'Cinders and ashes!', drink.
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  • When a character uses rhyming and/or alliteration, drink until you get alcohol poisoning.
  • During The Adventure Begins, take a shot every time someone says "See the world". If it isn't Thomas, take a second.
  • Take a shot every time someone says "Master of the Railway". Two if it isn't Hiro himself.
  • Take a shot in the movies if an insert vocal song starts playing.
  • Look through Season 17, and take a drink every time a scene happens at Ulfstead Castle. Better line up a liver transplant in advance.
  • Watch Season 18, and take a drink every time a scene happens at Brendam Docks. You probably won't survive after the previous one.
  • Every time Spencer acts like a Jerkass, take a sip.
    • If the entire episode goes by without any mention of the Duke and Duchess, finish your drink.
  • Take a sip every time the word "streamlined" is said.
  • In the CGI seasons, take a drink if an engine other than Gordon pulls express coaches.
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  • Whenever Edward or Toby indulge in Self-Deprecation, drink.
  • Whenever Cranky gets pissed off, drink.
  • Whenever Marion unleashes her Motor Mouth, drink.
  • Whenever Timothy falls for a prank, drink.
  • If an engine skives off a job, drink.
    • Take two drinks if it isn't Thomas.
  • When Gordon and Spencer race, drink.
  • When Ferdinand says 'That's right!', drink. Prepare for alcohol poisoning if you're watching Misty Island Rescue or Season 15.
  • When Henry is ill, drink.
    • Take two if it's after his re-shape.
  • Take a sip when the big engines make fun of the little engines.
  • Take a drink whenever Thomas and Bertie race each other.
  • Take a drink when the Troublesome Trucks misbehave. Take another if they cause an accident, or if you hear their high pitched laugh, or when there are shots of their faceplates.
  • Take a shot whenever engines complain about another engine being late for their trains.
  • Take a shot when the passengers complain about Sodor being a bad railway whenever a delay occurs.
  • In the model seasons, take a drink whenever an engine rolls their eyes around.
  • In the model seasons, take two drinks if you spot studio equipment. Take four drinks if you don't need to rewind and pause.
  • Whenever Donald and Douglas argue, drink.


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