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Drinking Game / The War Comms

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Take a drink:

  • When someone champions their OTP as superior.
    • Two if they merely squee and talk about why they enjoy it.
  • Bashes another pairing.
    • Shows their Double Standard.
      • Drip one drop into your mouth anytime Essie does this with het vs same-sex pairs. You'll still be drunk but you run less risk of alcohol poisoning.
  • When Rod calls a male character a derogatory name.
    • Gushes over how hot a female character is.
    • Says the heroine should bang her best friends and kill her male love interest.
  • Drain the bottle when Missy starts her Straw Feminist routine.
  • One drop every time Trisha does Like Is, Like, a Comma
    • Calls someone a dweeb.
    • Does her like, totally radical Valley Girl routine.
    • Screams her head off and shatters any glass in the area.
  • One sip every time Patrick, Essie or Lucy cries.
    • Two for every time Kristan or Heather cries.
  • One drop whenever Gorden talks in RANDOM CAPS.
  • Drain the bottle anytime Zacharias whines about protecting canon's integrity.
  • One drink every time Milos says any given canon would be better with more giant robots/hot chicks/giant dragons/general badassery.
    • Two if Rod chimes in agreeing with him.
  • One drink for every rant from Mila on the superiority of fanon.
  • Take a sip every time Mittens pees, sheds, farts or barfs on anything.
  • One drink for every instance of ship tease.
    • Two whenever Julia is overprotective towards Syrius.
    • Drain the bottle anytime Patrick hits on one of the guys.
    • Or Rod on one of the girls.
      • Chug when they inevitably get their asses kicked.
    • One sip every time Zacharias throws a tantrum about Tuxedo Wank Man/Esmeralda.
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    • One drink for every moment shared by a canon couple.
      • Two for every Kristan/Morgan moment.
  • One drink every time Rod and Ashlii fight.
    • Three if they start a fart contest.
  • Chug every time Rod or Ashlii farts on someone.
  • One drink if Tori gets out her gun.
  • Three drinks if Jeb actually loses his temper.
  • One drink every time a canon character shows up to put a stupider sock in their place.
  • One sip every time one of the nastier socks is put in their place.
    • Chug in celebration if it's Patrick, Missy, Essie, Angela or Gordon.
  • Drain the bottle when Bridget goes off on one of her holier than thou rants.
    • Same if Angela starts whining about her religion and fandom being an affront to God.
  • Take a drink anytime Cassie bashes a main character.
    • Two if she does it to preach the superiority of her favorite. (ex. Minako vs. Usagi)
    • Or does the same thing with pairings. (ex. Daisy/Luigi vs. Mario/Peach)
    • Chug if she blatantly ignores canon to promote her views.
  • Take a drink anytime Stuart uses a 4chan meme.
  • Two drinks every time Cassie shows her Hidden Heart of Gold.
    • Three if she's protecting Nancy.
  • Take a drink if Nancy snaps, then HIDE.
  • One drop every time Sue attacks someone with a fish.
    • Maxie hits someone with a dildo.
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    • Julie hits someone with a bookshelf.
    • Ralph beans someone with a basketball.
    • Hannah hits someone with her mop.
  • One drop anytime Joe or Maxie discuss porn.
  • One drink anytime Kevin pulls a ninja mod.
  • One drink anytime Hannah sighs at Mittens.
  • One drink anytime Molly puts someone she's usually afraid of in their place.
    • Two if it's Trisha, Gordon, Missy or Zacharias.
  • One drink anytime Alyssia rabidly defends a character.
  • Drain the bottle when Patrick shows off his misogyny.
    • Two if it's towards his sister.
  • Drain the bottle anytime Patrick, Essie, Missy, Lucy, Rod or Ashlii writes a fanfic.
  • Chug when Patrick pretends he's Duo Maxwell.
  • Drain the bottle when Mary Ellen starts demanding everyone make nice and be friends.
  • Three drinks anytime Zacharias, Cassie, Ashlii, Rod, Sailor Bimbo or Stuart says or does something useful or cool.
    • Chug when Zacharias puts Missy or Patrick in their place.
  • One sip anytime Sailor Bimbo calls someone a breeder.
    • Two if she threatens or beats up Rod.
  • One sip every time Esmeralda whines for someone to save her.
    • Two if it's NOT Tuxedo Wank Man.
  • One sip if Patrick cries for one of the boys to save him.
  • One drink every time Lucy says canon is all lies in regards to her favorite bishies.
  • Pour out your alcohol in disgust anytime someone drives Syrius to self-harm.
  • Chug in celebration when someone makes Essie or Patrick run away in tears.
  • One drop anytime Rod faps.
  • One drink anytime Joe or Maxie ignores someone's lectures to write or draw porn.
    • Two if Maxie's drawing/writing monster porn.
  • One sip anytime Joe says a love triangle should just form an OT3.
  • Drain the bottle when Cassie goes off on a rant about how something is "problematic" or "antifeminist" or "promotes" [insert actual social issue here that said media or trope has nothing to do with].
    • Two sips if Janet, Zacharias or Alyssia points out that her "feminist" ranting is more antifeminist than whatever she's bashing.
  • One drink every time Janet uses logic to put an idiot in their place.
  • One drink every time Ralph goes berserk on someone for bullying Molly, Syrius or anyone else he's close to.
  • One drink every time Mittens bashes or complains about dogs.
    • Two anytime he tries to chase after any rodent-like creature.
  • One drink anytime a sane sock is embarrassed by their less sane sibling or cousin.
  • One drink anytime Heather overreacts to criticism.
    • Two when it makes someone feel bad for being so hard on her.
  • One drink anytime Becky tells someone to go suck a rooster.

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