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Drinking Game / The Sopranos

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  • Drink every time AJ complains, makes an excuse, or is a complete dick to his parents.
  • Take a sip when the word "fuck" is said.
    • The above is recommended only if you want to visit the emergency room, if not the morgue. Either way, go with God.
  • Take a sip whenever somebody dies.
    • Take two if it's a major / significant character.
  • If somebody gets a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, drink.
  • Take a sip whenever Tony yells at somebody (at your own peril).
  • Each time there's a stripper or dancer on screen, drink.
    • Take two if it's at the most inopportune moment.
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  • Take a sip whenever the guys chill in the backroom of the Bing / pork store.
  • Take a shot every time Christopher says "I'm sorry, T", or some such variation. You will NOT make it into work on time the next morning.
  • Take a shot whenever somebody goes "Oh!" or "Ho!" in reaction to anything. Have fun with the hangover.
  • Take a sip whenever a character says "(Random name) over here", or anything similar.
  • Take a sip whenever Tony is in therapy with Dr Melfi. Take two if Melfi is having her own therapy session. Finish your drink if Tony is in therapy with someone other than Melfi.
  • Take a sip everytime someone is a Politically Incorrect Villain.
  • Take a sip for Tony's favorite phrases: "What's the matter?" "Don't worry about it."/"Forget about it." "I'll take care of it."
  • Take a sip for every use of Gratuitous Italian.

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