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Drinking Game / The Nosleep Podcast

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Given how the podcast has been going on for almost six years, it's not that surprising that numerous stories share numerous details.

  • Take one sip if:
    • The villan of the story is a Humanoid Abomination.
      • Take another if it's pale and hunched with long limbs and/or an abnormally large grinning mouth.
    • The narrators tells us that they probably shouldn'tve done what they're about to do.
      • Someone dies l.
      • Someone in the story says cusses.
      • The narrator mentions the antagonist's "creepy smile".
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    • The narrator's name is not revealed.
    • The story is from the Claverhouse Email Series.
    • The title is one word long.

  • Take two sips if:
    • David is narrating and he does an unnecessary accent.
    • The narrator is a patient in an insane asylum.
    • The narrator interviews someone in an asylum.
    • The narrator is a police officer.
    • The title gives away a lot of the plot (for example "Being a Detective Ruined My Marriage" or "I Still Get Letters From My Dead Best Friend").
    • The story is over forty minutes long.
    • The story is under ten minutes long.
    • The story has more than five narrators.
    • The narrator mentions several real-life places.
    • A character is named Sara, Josh, Chris, or Brian.

  • Take three sips if:
    • This narrator says that they're posting the story on the internet because their doctor told them to.
    • The story begins with the narrator and their family moving into a new house.
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    • The story features an evil clone.
    • A copyrighted song plays (For example, "Hot n' Cold" by Katy Perry in "Box Fort" or "Barracuda" by Heart in "The Midnight Hike").
    • It's pretty clear the narrator is going to die shortly after the story ends.
    • The narrator mentions that the names of the people involved have been changed, or a beeping noise covers up locations or character's last names.
    • The events of the story happened when the narrator was young and they're telling it years later.
    • The narrator kills someone.

  • Finish your drink if:

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