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Drinking Game / The Lord of the Rings

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Drinking game for the Peter Jackson version of The Lord of the Rings. Beware of extended film marathons!

  • Take a drink when Frodo says 'Sam'.
  • Take a drink when Sam says 'Mr Frodo'.
  • Take a drink whenever anybody mentions the One Ring.
    • If you have a death wish, take a drink every time there's a close-up of the ring.
  • Take a drink whenever you see somebody's filthy, chewed finger nails (unless they're yours).
  • Take a drink whenever a bad guy dies (good god).
    • Take another if it’s one of the named villains like Saruman or any of the orc commanders.
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  • Take a drink whenever Gollum says 'my precious'.
  • Take a drink every time somebody pulls out a sword.
  • Take a drink every time you talk along with the dialogue.
  • Take a drink any time Gollum hacks 'Gollum! Gollum!'
  • Take a drink every time Legolas says something vague and portentous.
  • Every time there is a close up of the Eye of Sauron.
  • Take a (small) sip every time Frodo's stressed-out, ring-possessed face looks like... something else.
  • If you feel like living dangerously, take a drink whenever a character says a line that was at worst unremarkable when the films came out, but has become Narm due to Memetic Mutation. WARNING: TV Tropes cannot be held responsible for any alcohol poisoning anyone got if they took this challenge. You have been warned
  • Take a drink every time Frodo trips over his own feet. By the end, you should look as haggard and beaten as he does.
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  • Take a drink whenever Frodo and Sam have a (b)romance moment.
  • Take a drink whenever the name of a person, place or thing is said in an ominous and portentous voice.
    • Take a drink whenever someone repeats the name of something dangerous after the first person said it.
  • Take a drink whenever Gandalf turns up and just makes things okay. For extra difficulty, do that with The Hobbit.
  • Take a drink every time the opening line from "Dies Irae" plays in the music.
  • Take a drink every time someone complains about what a different species did or didn't do several centuries ago. Particularly Thorin Oakenshield.
  • Take a drink whenever a hobbit screws up.
  • Take a drink whenever a member of Boromir's family screws up.
  • Take a drink whenever someone says "One by one" or "You know (of)..." in The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Take a smoke anytime Gandalf smokes his pipe.
  • Take a drink whenever Gandalf's eye twitches.
  • Take a drink whenever Frodo or Sam are lying down.


This keeps things a bit simpler and gentler. Everyone picks a character, then only drinks when their characters' prompts occur.

  • Frodo
    • The ring affects his behavior
    • He says "Sam"
    • He trips over his own feet
  • Sam
    • He says "Mr Frodo"
    • He's mean to Gollum
    • He supports a Frodo who has once again fucked up or is having a Heroic BSoD
  • Aragorn
    • He kills something
    • He's doubtful of his ability to be the rightful king of Gondor
    • He smiles like an idiot
  • Legolas
    • He fires an arrow
    • He says something vague
    • He stares into the distance
  • Gimli
    • He says "dwarf" or "elf"
    • He talks about using his axe (to kill stuff)
    • He's used as a comic relief (Beware of the Director's Cut !)
  • The forces of Mordor
    • When Sauron appears
    • When a Nazgûl screeches
  • Gollum
    • He says "Precious"
    • He says "Gollum"
  • Boromir
    • He does something that makes him look like a bad guy
    • He says something about how powerful he could be if he had the ring
    • When he dies (because, be honest, whether it makes you laugh or cry you always wait for that moment), or appears/is mentionned posthumously.
  • The Orcs (If you're as brave as they are - at approximately two-thirds of any battle)
    • One of them dies onscreen
    • One of them says or does something entirely stupid
    • When the Orc army slaughters a bunch of good soldiers
  • Pippin and Merry
    • They begin to grumble about food
    • They do something intelligent for once
    • One of them exposits for the benefit of the audience
    • One of them asks a question which prompts another character (Gandalf, Elrond, etc) to exposit for the benefit of the audience
  • Saruman
    • He acts arrogant towards Gandalf
    • He expresses contempt for Wormtongue
  • Wormtongue
    • He acts creepy towards Éowyn
    • He backstabs someone (figuratively or literally)
  • Théoden
    • He gets emotional about his kingdom/age/family
    • He's reluctant to get involved in the war with Mordor
  • Éowyn
    • She wants to fight for Rohan but her family won't let her
    • She acts awkward around Aragorn because she has a crush on him
  • Éomer
    • He throws a spear at something
    • He gets on or dismounts from a horse
  • Treebeard
    • He rescues Merry and Pippin from something
    • He expresses his hatred of orcs (burarum)
  • Faramir
    • He does something he doesn't want to, because his father demands it
    • He acts nice to one of the hobbits
  • Denethor
    • He acts like a jerk to Faramir and/or compares him to his dead brother
    • He gets jealous of Aragorn
    • When he dies (because be honest, you always wait for that moment too), and if you dare, every time he screams while dying.
  • Elrond
    • He's overprotective towards Arwen
    • He glares at someone, or nothing in particular
    • His voice tone and/or facial expression makes him sound/look like a bad guy, but it's just Hugo Weaving.
  • Galadriel
    • She says something mystical and profound
    • One of her gifts to the Fellowship helps save the day
    • She gives a mysterious and introspecting look at anything or anyone
  • Arwen
    • She mopes around Rivendell while her fiancé is risking his life to defeat Sauron
    • She appears in a dream or flashback that Aragorn has
    • She says something in elvish because it looks cool

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