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Drinking Game / The King of Hate

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The King of Hate has become somewhat... infamous on the Internet. Here's a way to make his videos tolerable.

Take one drink when:

  • Phil blames the controls for his mistakes ("Couldn't move!").
    • Take two drinks when he blames lag.
    • Take two drinks if Phil calls something "bugged".
  • Phil insults his opponent.
    • Take two drinks if he claims his opponent is inexperienced in some way.
      • Take three drinks if he loses anyway or says it immediately after he lost.
  • Phil declares that the game sucks.
  • Phil swears more than three times in ten seconds.
  • Phil declares his intention to Rage Quit.
    • Take two drinks if he actually does.
  • Phil's refusal to pay attention to the game inconveniences him in some way.
  • Phil says, "Oh my god."
  • Phil gives his annoying, passive aggressive laugh.
  • Phil mentions his streamchat.
  • Phil belches.
  • Phil snorts/clears his throat. (WARNING: do this one at your own risk when watching his videos from 2015 onward. We at TV Tropes will not be held liable for any alcohol poisoning fatalities.)
  • Phil says "I PRESSED JUMP!!!" or anything of a similar vein.
  • Phil repeats himself three times or more in the space of thirty seconds.


Take two drinks when:

  • Phil insults the game's creators or publisher by name.
  • Phil says, "I'm dead."
  • You are familiar with the game and spot something that Phil has completely overlooked which would solve his current problem.
  • Phil uses the game to insult his opponent (such as giving them no Respect Points in Mortal Kombat 9).
  • Phil uses a DLC character or other "special" character instead of the normal line-up.
  • Phil utters a loud, exaggerated, "HUH?!?"
  • Phil gives a "Pffffffft!" Sound.
  • Phil raises his hand so that you can see it on camera. (Often when he is upset with the game or flipping it off)
  • Phil relies on his stream chat to give him directions. (Some playthroughs will get you sloshed within the hour)
  • Phil accuses his opponent of cowardice if they don't stay for a rematch.


Take three drinks when:

  • Phil makes a crude sexual reference. (EVA's first appearance in MGS3 alone will have you rushing to the hospital.)
  • Phil makes a racist or prejudiced remark.
  • Phil compliments another player.
    • You only need to take one drink if he's being sarcastic.
  • Phil throws his controller.
  • Phil insults his fans.

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