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Drinking Game / The iDOLM@STER

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  • Every time the word "Producer" is uttered, take a shot. Hopefully you could walk home or have someone ready to drive you back home.
  • Every time there's a musical number, drink.
    • If the lyrics are relevant to the plot of the episode, take another drink.
    • If it includes a dance sequence, take another drink.
  • Cinderella Girls specific:
    • For each Russian word uttered by Anastasia, take a shot of vodka.
      • Take two shots if Minami intervenes and makes her translate it to Japanese.
    • For each sentence in Ranko-speak, take a drink (hope you don't die).
      • And if Ranko actually starts speaking normally for a change, chug the whole thing (as in entire bottle).
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    • Every time Kirari utters a Verbal Tic, drink.
    • Every time Anzu is seen visibly slacking off, drink. (For the sake of your liver, wearing the "You Work, You Lose" t-shirt alone doesn't count as slacking off.)
    • Every time Uzuki says "ganbaru", "ganbarimasu" or some variation thereof, drink.
    • Every time Miku exclaims "Nyaa", drink. Hopefully you're still alive.
    • Every time Riina mentions rock, drink.
    • Every time Miku and Riina have an argument, drink.
      • If it ends with them declaring that they're breaking up, take another drink.
    • Every time Nana claims to be either (a) 17 or (b) from Planet Usamin/Bunnyears, take a drink.
      • Take a third drink if she makes both claims in a single sentence.
    • For every reference to sweets by Kanako, take a drink. If you imitate her and have sweets instead, brace for sugar high.
  • Original Anime specific:
    • Each time Chihaya is shown to be breast conscious because of either Takane or Azusa, chug.
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    • Every time Makoto tries to look girly, down the bottle.
    • Every time Kuroi schemes something, take a drink.
      • Take two if it fails spectacularly.
    • Every time you see Miki sleeping around, down the glass.
    • For every hole Yukiho digs, drown your fears away with it.