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Drinking Game / The Blacklist

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Drinking Game for The Blacklist.

Take a shot whenever:

  • Red is wearing sunglasses.
  • Red calls Liz "Lizzie".
  • Red gets pissed off with an associate. Take two when he's Suddenly SHOUTING!.
  • Something unfortunate happens to Ressler.
  • Aram geeks out over techie stuff.
  • Dembe has screen time. Take two if he says something.
  • Every time there is a smash cut to Reddington nodding his head slightly
  • Every time Red starts an expository speech, start drinking and don't stop until he finishes.
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  • Every time Liz tells Red "You lied to me".
  • Every time Red makes an allusion to some Noodle Incident.
  • Red gets captured, make it two if it was his plan all along.

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