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Drinking Game / The Big Bang

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Take a sip if

  • Someone other then Trevor gets stunned
  • Marina expresses a desire to be worn
  • If anyone misses an attack
  • If anyone fails a skill check
  • A laptop is destroyed
  • If a Stargate reference is made
  • Henry fails a notice check

Take a shot if

  • A female character expresses interest in Henry
  • Trevor gets stunned
  • If anyone fails a save
  • Any time Trevor gets punched in the nose
  • If Erin’s laptop is destroyed
  • Every time Trev does something shady
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  • If Alex is sitting out on major actions
  • Someone gets a good roll AFTER it matters.

Finish your drink if

  • Cassandra possesses someone
  • Henry burns down another building
  • If a supervillian is psychotic
  • The group has to fight their own members (Erin, Marina and Trev)
  • When a player made villain shows up
  • If someone dies, only to find later that they got better


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