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Drinking Game / Sweet Valley High

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Take a drink anytime the following are mentioned or happen:

  • The twins are (sun-streaked) blondes, a perfect size 6note  and have blue-green eyes and dimples in their cheeks.
  • The identical lavalieres the twins both wear on a necklace, and the fact they got them for their 16th birthday.
  • The only ways to tell the twins apart, are the facts that Elizabeth wears a watch (another drink if it's mentioned that Jessica believes "the party doesn't start until she arrives anyway") and has a birth mark on her shoulder.
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  • Alice, the twins' mother, looks exactly like them and is often taken for the twins' older sister.
  • Elizabeth is four minutes older than Jessica (another drink when it's also mentioned "that it sometimes feels like four years to Elizabeth").
  • Jessica's room is a permanent gigantic mess. Another drink when she yet again borrows (usually without asking first) Elizabeth's clothes because she can't find her own, or doesn't keep up with her laundry.
  • Elizabeth poses as Jessica (mostly to get Jessica out of trouble). Another drink if it's the twin's own parents whom she manages to fool.
  • Bruce's Porshe's Vanity License Plate is 1BRUCE1.

Take a sip anytime the following happen:

  • Elizabeth lets, against her better judgment, Jessica convince her to do something she knows she shouldn't do and/or that is morally dubious.
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  • Jessica has a temper tantrum.
  • Elizabeth puts her nose in other people's business, or meddles in other people's lives.
  • Jessica uses the number 37, 137, or other random number ending with the digits "37" as her way to say "tons of" (it's her Catchphrase).
  • Elizabeth is mentioned to love writing, to write for the school paper or freelance for the town newspaper, or to want to become a journalist.
  • Elizabeth thinks how her boyfriend Todd is perfect because he's so tall, dark and handsome.
    • Make it a drink anytime she also mentions, in association with his length, either his being a basketball star, or the fact that she has to stand on her toes to be able to kiss him.
  • Ned, the twins' father, when making some point to his teenage daughters, is mentioned to make his case to them just like he does when he's defending a case as a lawyer—because he's a lawyer.
  • Somebody drinks root beer.
  • The teen protagonists have either a party at one of their parents' house without supervision, or a school prom.
    • Make it a drink if underage alcohol drinking is going on too.
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