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Drinking Game / Stargate SG-1

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Drinking game for Stargate SG-1:

  • Take a shot any time Stock Footage is used, such as when the gate opens, when there's a shot of the outside of the mountain, or when they're traveling through the gate.
    • Have another if it's the shot from the pilot with tarps all over everything.
  • Or when the Gate is only shown by cheap lighting effects, or not at all.
  • Take a shot any time someone is Engaging Chevrons.
  • Take a drink any time someone says "Kree!" Take two if it's not a Goa'uld saying it.
  • Have a drink any time a character dies.
    • Have another if the character is Russian.
    • Have another drink if it's a main character. If it's Daniel Jackson, finish the bottle.
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  • Have a sip whenever a trope is lampshaded.
  • Every time O'Neill references Sci-Fi, for that matter.
  • Take a shot any time Teal'c says indeed.
    • Pro Tip: Take caution if your binge-watching session includes "Sacrifices" (SG-1, Season 8, Episode 9) and "Midway" (Atlantis, Season 4, Episode 17), especially if they're back-to-back. According to the fan-collated Indeed Project, these episodes are tied for the most "Indeeds" in a single episode, with six a piece.
  • Take a shot every time General Hammond reverses his decision.
  • Take a shot every time Dr. Fraiser says that whatever weird alien stuff is happening is beyond her expertise as a doctor to fully comprehend.
  • Step one: Take a drink every time a planet is revealed to have temperate forests surrounding the gate. Step two: Die from alcohol poisoning.
  • Whenever an English-speaking culture from another planet is introduced, take two shots. Take another if they have weird terms for mundane things.
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  • If they have a weird religion or custom that's tailor-made to complicate the plot, take a shot.
  • If they're clearly some culture or historical era from Earth with the names changed, take another shot.
  • If they have a dark secret that the audience (but not the main characters) can see coming from a mile off, take a shot.
  • If they're slightly more advanced than Earth, but still talk and dress like they're from the 1800's, take another.
  • But if they're actually good guys take two shots, and if they form an alliance with Earth, finish the bottle.
  • If Teal'c meets with prejudice because he's a Jaffa, take a sip.
  • If Teal'c meets with prejudice because he's black, take two shots.
  • Every time one of the Tollans acts smug, take a sip. Only a sip, or you could legitimately die after a single episode with them.
  • Have a sip every time Jonas does the exact thing Daniel would have.
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  • And a full shot whenever he overeats. Two every time he's read something wacky, but pretends not to have read a mission file. Take three if he explains it to Sam afterwards.
  • Have a sip whenever somebody's eyes flash, and a shot if it's a main character. Maybe only two sips for Sam.
  • A baby sip whenever extra-terrestrial humans talk in that stilted voice and leave off contractions.
    • Hell, you could get drunk just doing that.
  • Whenever Jack does something profoundly out of character for any reason, take three sips. If he swears at Daniel, take a shot. Only once per scene if he acts that way for a whole episode.
  • If Jack is put under mind control and starts acting very strange, take two shots.
  • If a character casually talks to outsiders on Earth about space, the gate, aliens, et cetera, take a shot.
  • Whenever Jack says "Magnets," have a sip. A shot if he's offering this as a real explanation to a superior.
  • Whenever General Hammond and Teal'c very visibly make the same scowl at the same time, have a sip. If the camera does a match cut between them to emphasize this, take another two sips.
  • Or whenever Sam awkwardly adds an extra "Sir" in a sentence when talking to Jack or the General.
  • Or when Daniel awkwardly knows another language that he has never referenced before and never will again.
  • Two whole shots whenever Hammond steps through the gate or otherwise goes into the field.
  • Finish your drink every time a "Foothold" situation (hostiles in the mountain) is called by name.
  • Have a shot every time you see a Goa'uld Ha'tak mothership.
  • Take a shot when you hear this exchange, or the reverse:
    O'Neill: Daniel?
    Daniel: Jack?
  • Have a shot whenever Teal'c, Daniel, etc. looks at a previously untranslatable text, declares that it's an "obscure Goa'uld dialect", and translates it at the speed of plot.
  • Take a shot every time an NID agent or unit is described as "rogue."
  • Take a shot every time Mitchell references a report on a previous SG-1 mission.
  • Take a sip every time Vala makes a double entendre.
  • Take a shot when General Hammond makes a call to the President of the United States, or reminds someone that he has the authority to do so.
  • Take a shot when Teal'c awkwardly rephrases an idiom.
  • Take a shot when an advanced alien race bends their rules of non-interference to help resolve the plot of the episode.
    • Two shots if it's after declaring earlier in the episode they will not interfere.

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