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Drinking Game / Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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"What the hell is in these things?"

  • Drink whenever Pike is haunted by his fate or discusses it with someone else.
  • Drink whenever T'Pring initiates sexual behavior with Spock.
  • Drink for every Ship Tease moment between Spock and Nurse Chapel. Be very careful during Season 2 — and switch to a non-potent potable during "Charades".
  • Drink whenever we see Rukiya. (Season 1 only.)
  • Drink whenever the characters refer to a Noodle Incident as shorthand for a plan of action.
  • Take a sip whenever you hear the boatswain whistle upon someone entering the bridge. (A full drink would kill you.)
  • Drink whenever someone takes a swig of Klingon bloodwine.
  • Drink whenever Pike makes a face that says "What the hell?" or "This Is Gonna Suck". (Important note: Limit yourself to a very small sip during "Subspace Rhapsody", or you will die of alcohol poisoning before the opening credits.)
  • Drink every time you hear "I'm Erica Ortegas. I fly the ship." (For "Among the Lotus Eaters", it's advisable to use a non-potent potable.)
  • Finish your glass when an iconic TOS character is introduced. note