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Drinking Game / Star Trek

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Drinking Games for Star Trek

Entries that apply across the franchise.

  • Drink every time a Red Shirt dies.
    • If an important recurring character dies, finish your drink.
    • If a main character dies, finish your drink, then pour another one and finish that.
  • For Mirror Universe episodes (TOS, ENT, or DIS) — whenever a character performs the Terran Empire salute and/or says "Long live the Empire!" or something similarnote , do likewise and then drink.
  • Take a drink when an "Ass" in Ambassador, Insane Admiral, or Obstructive Bureaucrat shows up. Take another drink if said character gets served a slice of humble pie.
  • Take a drink whenever Section 31 appears (DS9, ENT, DIS, Into Darkness). Take an extra drink every time a 31 agent argues with a main character over idealism vs pragmatism.
  • Take a drink whenever the Tal Shiar appears (TNG, DS9, PIC).
    • If you're watching Star Trek: Picard, either swtich to a non-potent potable or limit yourself to very small sips, since almost all Romulans are Tal Shiar (this includes the Zhat Vash cabal).
  • Take a drink whenever aliens converse in their native language instead of English. Take two if they go from speaking English to cursing in their native language.
  • Take a drink when an episode/movie starts with an Action Prologue. Take another one if it turns out to be a Fake Action Prologue/Danger Room Cold Open.
  • Drink whenever an alien says something related to their hat:
    • A Klingon talks about honor and/or dying in battle.
    • A Romulan talks about secrecy and deception.
    • The Borg say "Irrelevant", "You will be assimilated", and/or "Resistance Is Futile".
    • A Ferengi quotes a Rule of Acquisition or talks about profit.
    • A Vulcan talks about logic and/or criticizes emotions.
    • A Bajoran talks about the Prophets, the Resistance, or hating Cardassians.
    • A Cardassian says anything against the Bajorans.
    • A Jem'Hadar says "Obedience brings victory" and/or "Victory is life" or anything about "the order of things".
    • A Hirogen talks about hunting.
    • A joined Trill talks about their past lives.
  • Drink whenever The Captain or another senior officer says "That's an Order!" Take two drinks if the one being spoken to disobeys the order, and finish your drink if it results in disciplinary action.
  • Drink whenever a Romulan poses as a Vulcan, or vice-versa.
  • Drink whenever The Captain makes a Captain's Log entry. Take two drinks if someone else makes a log entry; make it three if that someone else isn't in Starfleet. (This includes internal monologues.) Add an extra sip if we see the log recorded in real time, rather than a voiceover. Finish your drink if an entire episode goes by without any log entries/monologues (unless it's Star Trek: Picard seasons one and two, which completely eschew logs).
  • Drink whenever the Prime Directive is mentioned. Take another drink if it then gets disregarded. Take two drinks if The Captain has to clean up a mess caused by someone else violating the directive. Finish your drink if the captain has to clean up his own mess.
  • Drink if a guest character is clearly played by an actor who's had a previous role elsewhere in the franchise. (We're looking at you, Jeffrey Combs. And Vaughn Armstrong. And Randy Oglesby.)
  • Drink whenever someone spouts a line of technobabble, plus another drink if someone else asks for it in Layman's Terms or tells the speaker to shut up.
  • Drink whenever someone watches a movie or listens to music from the 20th or early 21st century.