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There have been official drinking games for several Spoiler Warning seasons; Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2, and Skyrim. A fan even kept track of how many people would die of alcohol poisoning if they played the Fallout 3 drinking game in continuous shifts; you can see their spreadsheet here. The cast also sometimes references the drinking game in seasons without an official drinking game, which is confusing.


In any case, these are the general rules which can be applied to every season:

Take a shot if...

  • The main character dies.
  • All contributors talk over each other at the same time.
  • Josh attempts to kill an unkillable NPC (this includes both NPCs protected by Plot Armor and NPCs where killing them produces a Non-Standard Game Over).
  • Whenever the game they're playing gets compared to whatever game it's a sequel/Spiritual Successor of. Example: "In the original Deus Ex..."
    • Double that if Shamus says it.
  • Whenever the game they're playing gets compared to Half-Life 2.
    • Double that if Shamus says it.
  • Whenever the game crashes on-screen or there is an obvious bug.
  • Whenever the cast goes into a fast-forward sequence.
  • Whenever Josh mucks up in combat and starts blaming the interface, swears or uses his Catch Phrase ("Stop shooting me!").
  • Whenever said mucking up causes a near-death experience that causes him to spam healing items (more than three at once).

The specific rules for other seasons:

In any Mass Effect game, take a shot if:

  • Any contributor talks about their favourite romance option and uses words like "cute" or "dreamy".
  • Shepard charges directly into the back of the enemy lines.

In any Fallout game, take a shot if:

  • Reginald becomes addicted to something.
  • An overpowered weapon is acquired.
  • Josh refuses to sell something which the rest of the cast is yelling at him to sell.
  • Josh refuses to put points into a skill which the rest of the cast is yelling at him to put points into.
  • Mumbles demands that Josh take the Cannibal perk.

In Assassin's Creed 2, take a shot if:

  • Anyone says "clown suit".
  • Josh can't remember how to do a combat move or what button an in-game icon refers to.

Disclaimer: This new-and-improved drinking game is Guaranteed Safe* and is not in any way designed to kill you.

*If you are an Undead Zombie Irishman. If you are of any other genus of mammalian or reptilian pedigree that can digest alcohol, this game is totally designed to kill you.


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