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Drinking Game / Soul-Singer of Tyrnos

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Small sip whenever someone uses an archaic turn of phrase.

Drink whenever a new character with a Funetik Aksent gets introduced.

Sip whenever the Huym is mentioned, full drink for the Lyin, two full drinks if they're combined to form Ahlia's sign.

Drink whenever the color of something is mentioned for at least the second time. Two drinks if it's Lisaux's sword, a Singer's robe, Yeleeve's boots, Mayanna's hair, Ahlia's eyes, or the light in Enderon's cave.


Drink whenever Enderon's reflecting pool shows something weird.

Drink whenever someone complains about the weather.

Drink whenever Yeleeve sings someone's soul. Two if it's not a person.

Drink whenever Yeleeve takes a nap or mentions that she's tired, two if she sleeps for at least a full day. (Singing souls is exhausting!)

Sip when Yeleeve reminisces about her life with Kalir.

Two large drinks whenever anyone says Yeleeve's real name out loud.


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