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Drinking Game / Sorceror Nobody

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This page lists drinking game rules for Sorceror Nobody's Let's Play videos.

General rules

These rules apply to all of Sorc's videos.

  • Take a shot if Sorc mentions a trope by name (or sufficiently similar phrase to the name).
    • This rule also applies to the video title and description. Take shots for those at the start of the episode.
  • Take a shot for any references to Homestuck, Undertale, or MLP:FiM.
  • Take a shot if Sorc mentions the Hermitcraft server or any of its members.
    • Take another if the mentioned Hermit is Sl1pg8r.
    • Take another if it's not a Minecraft video.
  • Take two shots if Sorc mentions Jacksepticeye.
    • Have fun with those four shots if he mentions both Slip and Jack in the same breath. Which is not at all uncommon!
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  • Take a shot if Sorc says "balls" in response to something going wrong.
  • Take a shot if Sorc minces an oath in response to something going wrong.
    • Take another if there is a bleeped out curse instead.note 
    • Also take another for instances of obvious Curse Cut Short. Note that Sorc changing the word is just mincing the oath, it has to be an actual case where he's clearly going to say the curse and cuts the video to interrupt it.
    • Take two shots if either of the big two curses actually come out of Sorc's mouth and make it into a video. And, what the hell, why not down an entire bottle for the c-word, safe in the knowledge that it should never actually happen.
  • Spill a shot if Sorc jumps at the slightest thing.
  • Take one additional shot if Sorc acknowledges having just met one or more of the drinking game rules.Example 

Series rules

These rules apply to individual LP series, and are used in addition to the general rules.


  • Take a shot every time the excess herbs count increases.
    • Take two shots every time the excess herbs count decreases.
  • Raise a toast every time a character is added to the deaths list.
    • Pour out another if the character is Jess or Sybill.
  • Take a shot every time Sorc resets to a previous save state.
    • Following this rule is not recommended during the roulette minigame. Although if you're watching episode 20, good luck even identifying when a reload occurs, given the high playback speed... so you only really have to worry about the ones in episode 19. That's still a lot of reloads in quick succession, mind you.


Alundra 2

  • Take a shot every time Sorc mentions Alexia's legs.
  • If you're feeling adventurous, take a shot every time the score screen comes up. That's 139 shots over the entire LP; you may want to avoid episode 28, as that episode alone has 25 of them.

Crash Bandicoot Warped

  • Take a shot every time there is a flashback cut or other video effect.


  • You are advised to suspend the rule for taking shots when Sorc makes Homestuck references, unless you have the constitution of Mom Lalonde.


  • As an amendment to the general rules, it is strongly advised that the taking of shots due to mentions of Sl1pg8r is suspended from episode 19 onwards of this series, since being on Slip's fan server naturally causes him to be referenced frequently. On top of which, Slip himself actually turns up in episode 19 and some later episodes, which would probably require downing an entire bottle or something.

Mirror's Edge

  • If you've made it this far down the page, you should know to expect taking shots for every addition to the death counter as a rule. With the optional variant of only doing it for one type of death, of course.
  • Take a shot every time Sorc says Faith's name.
    • Mercy option of this rule: only taking one shot for each occasion that causes him to say her name, since it so often comes in clusters of two or more after particularly annoying screw-ups.
  • Take a shot every time a faux PSN trophy pops up.
    • Advanced version of this rule: one shot for bronze, two for silver, three for gold.


  • Take a shot for every increment of the tracked statistic of your choice.
    • "Mentions of cake" is not recommended. If you aren't suffering by the end of episode 3, episode 4 will finish you off. On the plus side, surviving to episode 5 puts you very nearly in the clear for the rest of the LP. And after episode 10, you'll be completely in the clear... until the counter unexpectedly returns in episode 33.
    • Conversely, if your intention is to achieve alcohol poisoning as quickly as possible, take shots for all statistics. Just for reference, that'll be 20 shots from episode 1 alone.

The Talos Principle

  • Take a shot if Sorc starts an episode by easily solving a puzzle that he was stuck on for ages in the previous episode.
    • Also take shots for all self-deprecating on-screen captions about how thick he's being while stuck on a puzzle.
  • Take a shot for every increment of the statistic of your choice. Choosing "QR codes scanned" is not recommended.
    • If your chosen statistic is "VR breaks" and you're feeling extra hardcore, keep taking shots until you feel nauseous.

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