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Drinking Game / Sonichu

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A drinking game for the Sonichu webcomic by Christine Weston Chandler.

Don't use actual alcohol for this one, because you'll probably die before the first episode is over. We here at TV Tropes prefer the cool, refreshing taste of Fanta. On second thought, anything ''but'' Fanta would work fine for this game. Take Our Word for It.

Take a drink when:

  • The art makes you physically ill.
  • The sequence of panels makes no sense.
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  • When you see a Wall of Text. Take two if it's provided by a literal, disembodied Talking Head.
  • When the dialogue is numbered.
  • When a person that Chris hates is depicted as a character and summarily humiliated, killed, etc.
  • Chris makes a horrifying biology or anatomy fail.
  • There is no attempt at a background.
  • There is a background, but you still can't tell where it's supposed to be taking place.
  • Chris rambles about "true love".
  • Chris lectures someone about suffering.
  • The punishment is disproportionate to the offense.
  • The villain's motivation is unclear or incredibly stupid.
  • Chris makes a reference to something that either doesn't make sense or sounds forced and unfunny (or both... usually both.)
  • Every time you see that Chris tried to fix something in Microsoft Paint.
  • Every time Chris is a hypocrite.
  • Every time there's an ad.
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  • When some new facet of the Orwellian nature of CWCville is revealed.
  • The map-scope appears.
  • The page is drawn sideways.
  • You find a misspelling.
  • You are confused as to when in continuity something takes place.
  • There's enough white-space on a page to comfortably doodle in.
  • One of the main characters are Off-Model.

Finish your drink when:

  • You have to guess at what sex a humanoid/anthropomorphized character is.
  • When the "plot" reaches a new level of insanity.
  • When some indescribably kinky/disturbing sexual fantasy shows up.
  • The perspective is more confusing than M.C. Escher.
  • You close your web browser because you can't handle anymore.
  • Chris retcons his own story.
  • You finish an issue.
  • You have to sit in the corner and cry.


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