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Drinking Game / Show by Rock!!

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Drink when:

  • Cyan says 'nya'
    • twice when it's by accident
    • three times if Retoree blushes because of it
  • The Shingancrimsonz guys get in a fight
    • Take one extra shot if it's Aion and Crow who started arguing
    • Take another one if it ends up with Rom punching everyone
    • Take another one if Rom punches everyone, even though Yaiba wasn't involved in the argument
  • The animators forgot to make Aion pose while he talks
  • Crow says some extremely narcissistic
  • Something's that's portrayed as a big problem, is solved within one episode.


  • You fail a performance
    • Twice if it's because your phone was lagging
  • You see someone ranting about rare card/bromide they got and don't want because they don't like the character.
    • Twice if it's a card/bromide you wish you had.
  • You do a special scout and get nothing but bad cards
  • When you have cards/bromide of every member from a certain band, except for your favorite band-member.