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Drinking Game / Senki Zesshou Symphogear

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  • Take a shot every time Hibiki punches a gigantic monster to death. Also take one every time she has a badass one-liner.
  • Take a shot whenever Kirika says "Death" (or any variant of it for hardened drinkers). Beware, you may need to have an ambulance ready.
    • For the most seasoned of drinkers, try this song. Warning: may cause permanent damage to one's liver.
  • Take a drink for each time Chris loses her temper. Take two if it's because of Hibiki.
    • Take three every time you see Chris manages to smile. Be advised: in some episodes, you will wolf enough for entire platoon of hard drinkers
  • Take a shot for any possible Ho Yay moment. Feel free to check the Ho Yay tab above for a guide on significant events.
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  • Take a shot whenever Yumi mentions anything relating to anime or manga.
  • Whenever a Symphogear user activates her Symphogear, take a sip and prepare to have your ears blasted with the series' Awesome Music. If you find yourself singing along, feel free to pause to take another drink before resuming the song.
  • Take a shot whenever Genjuuro does something that no normal human should ever be able to do in real life. Take two if it involves punching through large rocks.
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