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Drinking Game / Republic Commando Series

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Drinking game for the Republic Commando Series:

  • Every time someone says shab take a sip.
  • Every time someone is called a di'kut, take a sip.
    • Take two if it's Skirata saying it.
  • Every time Skirata calls someone son take a sip.
  • Every time anyone is called a ner'vod, take a sip.
    • Every time someone is called both son and ner'vod in the same scene, take a shot of vodka. You'll need someone to call 911 for you halfway through Triple Zero.
  • Every time Ordo is badass take a sip.
    • You'll be dead less than halfway through Triple Zero
  • Every time Skirata is overemotional take a sip.
    • You'll be buzzed after the first chapter of any book after Hard Contact.
  • Every time a couple is together and they're supposed to be madly in love but hardly act like it take a sip.
    • Only a sip because there are plenty of these moments.
  • Whenever Etain is self-conscious about her abilities as a Jedi, drain a glass.
  • Whenever someone mentions Skirata needing to get his limp fixed, drink the bottle.
  • When Niner starts to sound/act like Skirata, drink the bottle.
  • When Skirata cries drink the bottle.
  • When Vau has a Pet the Dog moment drink the entire case.
  • Every time Sev is badass take a sip.


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