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  • Have a drink each time someone says "This" note 
  • Take one long gulp of your drink if you find a comment thread that has turned into a pun thread.
  • Have a drink if "Me too thanks" is used as a reply. Have a shot to go with it if it's in a meme sub, have two if it's in /r/meirl, /r/me_irl or the other irl subreddits.
  • Have a drink each time a Crosses the Line Twice racist/dirty joke hits the top of /r/all.
  • Have 2 drinks when a user complains about perceived censorship in a sub where Admins might see it
  • Have a drink if someone points out a logical fallacy in someone else's thinking
    • Have a shot with it if it is Ad hominem fallacy
    • Have another if the fallacy is being misused and does not apply, thus demonstrating Fallacy Fallacy
  • Have a drink if someone says "Sweet Summer Child" to bellitle someone
  • Have a drink each time someone references "Broken Arms" in a thread.note 
    • Have another drink if someone responds "Every Single Thread" or some variation of it.
  • Have a drink each time the top comment in a thread is started with "I'm going to get downvoted for this, but..."
  • Have a shot each time someone tries to change the subject from something completely unrelated to politics to something political. Have a drink if it's in an /r/AskReddit thread.
  • Have a drink if something an admin says/does receives unprecedented outrage and sensationalist statements.
    • Have two drinks if a 1984 reference is made when talking about moderators or admins.
  • Have a drink if someone responds to a link comment with "I don't know what I was expecting" have a shot if it is a subreddit link.
  • In a discussion about subreddits that could be banned, have a drink if someone says "What about SRS?"note 
  • Have a drink for each time you encounter a thread where a user takes a political stance, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Conservative, Centrist, etc. and gets accused of being a bigot by a heavily down voted comment from someone with radically different opinions.
  • When browsing /r/Random, have a drink when you encounter a subreddit with its own Discord server.
  • Take a drink for each comment stating or agreeing that a high-scoring post doesn't fit the sub.
  • If someone gets banned from TwoXChromosome, take a drink. Have an ambulance on standby.

  • Have a drink for each time an r/AskReddit thread asks about sex.
  • Have a drink for every political thread that has dozens of comments and a score of zero.
  • In threads talking about something morally horrible that would benefit humanity or something along those lines, have a shot when you find a comment about using Eugenics on disabled people. Have 2 if Autism is mentioned in the comment
  • Have a drink for "joke" questions such as "People who [X], what's it like to [be stupid]?"
  • Have a drink for any question that the poster clearly made to vent their own frustrations, e.g. "Dry cleaners of Reddit, why do you love ruining pants?"
  • Have a drink for each Repost you've seen more than 4 times (warning: this will kill you if you visit the subreddit regularly).
  • Have a drink for each thread you say that's copying and inverting another popular onem e.g. "Men of Reddit, what things do you find attractive about men?" after a popular "Women of Reddit, what things do you find attractive about women?"


  • Have a shot each time /r/Politics has a post railing against the Republican party, specifically, Donald Trump.note  Have a drink if you found it with a massive amount of upvotes on /r/All or /r/Popular.
  • Have a drink each time /r/Politics theorizes that the Green Party are Russian agents sent to spoil elections for the Democratic Party.


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