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Drinking Game / Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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The Drinking Game for Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is divided into A Winner is You (gameplay) and Alcohol Tic (character), much like Super Paper Mario. We highly recommend sticking with one, but if you really want liver failure, you can do both.

A Winner is You

  • Take a drink when you collect a Royal Sticker.
  • Take a drink whenever you encounter a boss.
  • Take a drink whenever you complete a puzzle.
    • Take another drink if you had to use the Internet to complete it.
  • Take a drink whenever you need to use the Flee option and hope it fails to skip a turn.
    • Take another drink if the Flee option ends up working.
      • Finish your drink if the enemy you accidentally fled from was a boss.
  • Take a sip for every time the game forces you to backtrack to a level you've already completed.
  • Finish your drink if you defeat the final boss without using Kersti.
  • Take a drink for every time you use a Thing sticker to get out of a pinch.
  • Finish your drink if you manage to pass the Invisible Wall and clip out of bounds.

Alcohol Tic

  • Take a drink every time Bowser appears on screen. (Not a lot)
  • Take a sip every time a new character turns out to be a Toad.
    • TV Tropes is not responsible for any instances of liver failure. You wanted to do this.
  • Take a sip for every horrible paper joke.
    • Take two sips whenever a paper joke or motif creates a plot hole or doesn't make sense.
  • Take a drink for every time Kersti yells at a character.
    • Take another drink if that character was Mario.
  • Take a sip every time Kersti gives you useless advice.
    • Finish your drink if that information actually helps you.
  • Take 2 drinks every time an original character is referenced but doesn't appear.
  • Down a whole bottle if you actually found Kersti's Disney Death sad. (Yeah, right.)
    • Take a drink if you didn't.
  • Take a drink for every quote Bowser doesn't have.
    • In other words, take as many as you want for this part.
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