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This wholly unique drinking game made possible by a grant from Panther Pilsner Brewing Company, and by PBS Tropers Like You. Thank you.

  • Take a shot any time your local station uses the network feed during any break between programs, except when it does so on a regular basis.
  • Have a whole bottle when your local station runs a pledge drive.
    • Two bottles whenever it runs pledge programming on New Year's Day.
  • Take two shots every time PBS NewsHour mentions Washington Week or PBS NewsHour Weekend at the end of the Friday edition, and double if both are mentioned.
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  • Finish your drink if PBS NewsHour runs a special program during primetime.
  • Toast at the start of each episode of a Ken Burns documentary, and finish your drink at the conclusion of the finale or any one-shot doc of his.
  • Down the whole bottle if PBS reruns a program from before 2009, and two if it originally aired in the '80s. If the program was originally shown in the '60s or '70s, it's a full six-pack. For obvious reasons, this does not apply to children's programming.
  • Drink a full bottle if a movie studio sponsors the program you're watching (easiest way to tell is if a TV spot for a motion picture is shown during the funding credits). Most commonly applies to PBS NewsHour and Masterpiece.
  • Two bottles if a program is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but not Viewers Like You.
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  • Take a shot whenever a Rick Steves special is shown during a pledge drive.
  • Drink a whole bottle if Suze Orman puts in an appearance during a pledge drive.
  • Take a sip for every My Music special your local station shows during a pledge drive, and two for every concert. Upgrade to two shots if the concert comes from before 2000.
  • Take a shot every time the 1971 logo appears in any context except to close a program (there's a special rule for that directly below).
  • If a pre-2009 PBS logo is preserved when your local station shows a program from 2009 or earlier, down the whole bottle. If it's older than 1998, it's a full six-pack.

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