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Drinking Game / PB&J Otter

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Take a drink when:

  • Jelly's voice gets squeaky.
  • The story has an Everybody Laughs Ending.
  • Cap'n Crane yells "WATCHBIRD ALERT!"
  • Peanut complains that he'll use his noodle but he won't dance. Finish your drink when he does it without complaining first.
  • Pinch does a girly pastime.
  • A character says either "very" or "really" 2 or more times.
  • A character says "Uh oh!" or "Oh no!"
  • Scootch yells "YAHHHHH!!"
    • After doing so, he runs into something, wrecks it, and comments "Sorry, sorry, my fault."
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  • 2 or more characters hug.
  • A character gets hit in the face with food.
  • Connie or Flick makes a sarcastic remark.
  • Munchy gets anxious. Take 2 drinks when he eats a log of wood.
  • Baby Butter cries. Take 2 drinks when someone other than Butter cries.
  • Flick says "Cheese and quackers!"
  • One of the kids fantasize.
  • One of the kids refer to objects as "thingies".
  • Flick acts polite towards an adult, then acts out the second they're out of earshot.
    • Twice if he only thought they were out of earshot and they catch him.
  • Ootsie or Bootsie comment about not playing with a toy because "version 2000", which is twice as good as "version 1000."
  • If you're brave enough, swig through an entire song. (This is usually easier in earlier episodes, as the songs tend to be shorter.)

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