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Drinking Game / Overlord (2012)

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For Anime and Light Novel Readers:

  • Drink one whenever Momonga has inner monologues that completely contradict what he is saying.
  • Drink one whenever the Guardians flatter Momonga and hail him as the perfect being.
    • Drink one again if Momonga has no idea why they worship him and can't see through his mistakes.
  • Drink one whenever Albedo goes into "love struck teenage girl" mode.
    • Drink a big one when her Ainz dakimakura shows up.
    • Down the whole bottle when the thing shows up again, because next time there's a whole mountain of dakimakura!
  • Drink one if Albedo gets jealous at Momonga showing affection to anyone else but her.
  • Drink one whenever Narberal/Nabe identifies someone as an insect.
    • Drink one again if it's Entoma Vasilissa Zeta.
  • Drink one whenever someone from the New World underestimates someone from Nazarick.
  • Drink one whenever someone from Nazarick makes a person go into complete terror.
  • Drink one whenever someone from Nazarick kills something in one hit (or with one spell).
  • Drink one whenever someone drops like a puppet with its strings cut.

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