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Drinking Game / Nintendogs

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  • Take a shot each time you have to call your dog's name or a command before they hear you.
  • Take a drink each time your dog finds a present.
    • Finish your drink each time you pick up every present on the secret path.
  • Take a sip each time you buy a new item for your dog.
    • Do you really want to die from alcohol poisoning?
  • Take a glass if you look at a puppy or kitten and decide you don't want it.
    • Two glasses if it's based on gender.
      • Three glasses if it's based on cost.
  • Take four glasses if you went back at the dog you rejected and decided to get it anyway.
  • Take a sip each time you feed your dog/cat.
    • Take two sips if they don't finish the bowl.
      • Finish your drink if the food was Premium or special.
  • Take a shot each time that your dog learns a trick.
    • Two shots if your dog is confused but learns it anyway.
      • Three shots if your dog only learns it after more than 5 minutes of trying.
  • Finish your glass if you had to reboot the 3DS just to get them to learn a trick.
  • Take a shot if you can't whistle well or at all to teach a dog to howl.
    • Finish the drink if whistling doesn't work and you have to resort to an alternative like a recorder.
  • Drink a whole bottle each time you exchange something at the secondhand shop.
    • Down the whole bottle if you unlock and craft the Robopup Voucher.

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