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Drinking Game / My Summer Car

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Expect this to happen often.

If you're a teetotaler or want to play it safe, opt instead to drink an in-game beer whenever the following (except the first bullet obviously) occurs.

  • Take a shot whenever you drink a beer.
    • An extra shot when you either drink a vodka or start to feel drunk.
    • A whole bottle when you pass out drunk.
  • Take a shot whenever your urine/hunger/thirst/fatigue/dirtiness meter gets close to filling up.
    • Two if you actually empty the first meter at your toilet.
  • Take a shot whenever you hear "perkele", even from yourself.
  • Take a shot for each job you're asked to do.
  • Take a shot whenever you need to buy more beer, food and/or gasoline.
  • Take a shot for each car part you buy.
  • Take a shot whenever you think you fixed your car but something goes wrong when you take it out for a spin.
  • Take a shot whenever any car you're driving flips over.
  • Finish the bottle you're at when your car fails inspection.
  • Take a shot whenever you die
    • Two shots when it's of thirst, starvation or a burst bladder.
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    • An entire bottle if it's through falling in a septic well.
  • Take a shot every time someone badmouths your Satsuma.
  • Take a shot when you see a moose.
    • Two if you actually hit it.
      • Finish the bottle if you die in the process.
  • Take a shot whenever you arrive home only to realize you have to go back where you came because you forgot something.
  • Whenever you arrive at a destination, take a shot for every part/item that you lost along the way without realizing.
    • Finish the bottle if you somehow lost a case of beer without noticing.


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