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Drinking Game / My Little Pony 'n Friends

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  • Specific (and regular) animation mistakes to look for:
    • Ventriloquistic Ponies: disembodied pony voices, ponies talking without opening their mouths or ponies talking with each other's voices.
    • Intangible Ponies/ Schrödinger's Background: Layer errors where foreground and background objects seem to phase through each other or turning invisible between shots. Example: Animator forgetting to color the SKY. Related to...
    • Lazy Colorist: parts of ponies or background are left uncoloured, even if they are ridiculously obvious. Stuff like ''forgetting to color the sky blue'' is pretty hard to miss. Inverted color schemes also fall here.
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    • Levitating Ponies and Bedsheets: Related to the former: Objects and characters are standing on air because of a poor positioning of animation sheets or missing foreground objects. Example: ponies' bedsheets seeming to float because animators forgot to add the bed.
    • Body Horror: freaky off-model antics like five-legged ponies and painfully forced poses (see My Little Pony page picture for an example)
    • Shapeshifting Ponies (and creatures): Character models changing within episodes or arcs. Not really related to Off-Model since characters are not necessarily badly drawn, their appearance has simply changed completely. Example: the Mouse Sheriff in Bright Lights does this in every frikking scene he's in, likely because he is completely irrelevant to the plot and just stands silently in the background.
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    • Pink Eyes: A combination of Shapeshifting, Off-Model and inconsistent colouring. An artists' tendency to occasionally give ponies weird eyes (like coloring their scleras blue or pink) to make them stand out and only confuses viewer since the colors keep changing between scenes and episodes. NOTE: Twinkle-Eyed ponies and their gem-encrusted irises are consistent and thus don't count.
    • Derpy Eyes: characters having Fish Eyes. Special mention goes to Arabus, the villain of Bright Lights, for making an Aside Glance by pulling his pupils to the opposing sides and rolling them upwards.
  • Hasbro Need Money Badly: When a new line of toys, er a new race of ponies is introduced, Have a drink.
  • When a new intelligent non-pony race is casually introduced for a single story arc and never mentioned again, have drink. If they do show up again, have another drink.
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  • Whenever you hear the Sea Ponies entering the scene (SHOOPY DOO SHOOP-DOOPPY-DOO) have a drink. If they actually do anything that affects the plot, have TWO additional drinks.
  • When one pony grabs the Idiot Ball and screws up big time, say "Dammit, [Insert Pony Name]" and down a shot. If the perpetrator is NOT a baby pony, take two shots. "Return of Tambelon part 1" is going to murder your liver.
  • Whenever you come up with a way an already-existing McGuffin, say the Rainbow of Light or the Flutter Ponies, could be useful in resolving the episode's conflict but is utterly ignored by everyone, have a drink.
  • For every instance of Nightmare Fuel, have a drink.
  • For every Easily Forgiven villain, have drink. If the villain has an out-of-nowhere Heel–Face Turn, take another shot.
  • For every villain flat-out killed, have a cheer and empty your glass in one go.
  • If the good guys walk into a trap and are all captured at once, have a drink.
  • If Sugar Apocalypse is nigh, have a drink. If Sugar Apocalypse is imminent for episodes on end yet never comes to fruition, have another drink.
  • When Fizzy is clumsy, take a drink and say "I just don't know what went wrong!" or "Oh Fizzy, Fizzy, Fizzy!"
  • Take a drink every time a song starts and ends.
    • Take two if something that actually affects the plot happens during the song.

Ten-minute episodes that never fail to get you drunk.


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