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Drinking Game / Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

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Drinking game for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing:

Take a Drink every time:

  • someone says another character's name, and nothing else.
  • someone says the word "peace".
  • Heero says "I'll kill you".
  • Wufei calls someone weak or insults women.
  • Lady Une changes personalities
  • Treize does something Fabulous.
  • For higher rate of drunkenness, include "pacifism". Take two for the phrase "total pacifism", especially in the second half of the series.
  • Or, if you wanna kill your liver even faster, drink when anyone says 'Gundam!' or 'It's a Gundam!' You'll be in the hospital quick enough.
    • Take another drink if this is said person's last words.
  • For total liver annhilation, take a sip (and ONLY a sip) every time a Leo is ineffectually blown up.
  • Sandrock kills two mobile suits with his swords
  • Heavyarms either launches all of its missiles at once or shoots to the left then to the upper right
  • Duo makes a snarky comment.
  • Duo refers to Shinigami
  • Quatre says, "We shouldn't be fighting at all!"
  • Heero uses the self-destruct button
    • Two shots if the self-destruct button is used by a character other than Heero.
    • Finish your drink when Quatre does it (and Sandrock lets him off).
  • Deathscythe takes out all the Mooks...and a few civilian buildings along with them.
  • Someone says the Gundams are a symbol of something.
  • Trowa does a flip for no real reason other than that he can.
  • Someone comments on another character's beauty or perceived coolness.
  • Someone blows something up.
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  • Skull your drink through a speech.
  • Quatre's "Space Heart" hurts him.
  • Someone wakes up in the hospital.
  • A pilot other than Quatre uses the ZERO system.
    • Two shots when/if he overcomes it successfully.
  • Quatre apologizes to someone.
  • Someone lampshades the fact that the pilots are Child Soldiers.
  • Two words: Beeping Computers (RIP, your liver!)
  • Heavyarms runs out of ammo.
    • Two shots if Trowa is using a different mobile suit and the same thing happens.
  • One of the pilots uses a Gundam or other mobile suit that's not his own.
  • Dorothy goes on about how she likes war.
  • Someone has a Heroic BSoD.
  • Heero survives something that definitely should have killed him.
  • Someone comments on how kind and pure-hearted the G-boys are.
  • Duo gets punched.
  • Quatre gets hurt in his Gundam.
  • There's a new villain on the scene.
  • One of the G-boys gets a crotch shot or a butt shot.
    • Two if it's someone other than the Gundam pilots.


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