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Drinking Game / Miranda

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  • Sip every time:
    • Tilly says "Bear with".
    • Penny says "Such fun!".
      • Two sips if someone other that Penny says it.
    • Miranda or Stevie adds "are we?" to the end of a sentence.
    • Tilly or one of Miranda's other posh friends says a Perfectly Cromulent Word (eg: "Tremendulant")
    • Penny or Miranda mouths a profanity.
      • Drink if Penny mouths the wrong word.

  • Drink every time:
    • Miranda falls over.
    • Miranda tells an obvious lie.
      • Drink again if someone actually believes her.
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    • Miranda spontaneously starts singing.
      • Drink again if Penny joins in.
    • Miranda farts.
    • Someone insults Miranda.
    • Penny says 'what I call'.
      • Drink again if Miranda gets annoyed about it.
    • Stevie sings "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"
    • Someone makes fun of Stevie's height.
    • Penny talks about her sex life.
    • Miranda decides something is 'a good word' (eg: 'Spasm')
      • Sip every time she repeats said word.
    • Miranda does an Aside Glance.
    • Someone does the 'posh mumble'.
    • Miranda makes an innuendo.

  • Take a shot every time:
    • Miranda and Stevie go on an emergency walk.
    • Miranda invents a 'game' (eg 'Biscuit Blizzard')
    • Miranda gets sacked from a job.
    • Miranda sweeps out.
    • Penny tries to set Miranda up with someone.
    • Miranda's Fruit Friends appear.
    • Miranda gives a Suspiciously Specific Denial.
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    • Miranda has lunch with 'the girls'.
    • Penny bases a laugh off a pop song.

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