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  • Take a sip for every 1,000 hours of combined flying time bestowed upon the pilots involved in the episode's incident.
    • Another sip for every 500 hours in the type of aircraft in use.
  • Take a shot for each pilot who is mentioned to have had some experience in the military. Another shot if they're on active military duty. (e.g. a military transport aircraft or a fighter jet.)
  • Take a shot if one of the pilots is a flight instructor; two if said pilot is actively involved in a flight lesson.
  • Finish your drink if nobody on the plane survives the crash. note 
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  • Finish your drink if everybody on the plane survives.
  • Take a chug when someone in the re-enactment finishes a sentence with "didn't stand/have a chance".
  • AVOID drinking during a Tear Jerker scene. note 
  • Take a swig when an episode glosses over an investigative process that other episodes would spend a healthy portion of time on. (e.g. the search of the records of TAM 402's pilots vs. those of Crossair 3597's captain.)
  • Take a shot for every scenario examined by investigators that are ultimately proved to have not caused or contributed to the accident.
  • Take a chug when the narrator mentions the accident involving an American-made plane, and the NTSB getting involved as a result.
  • In the TAM 3054 episode, take a sip every time someone uses the word "procedure".
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  • In the episode on American 965, take a shot every time the captain drops an F-bomb.
  • In the Turkish 1951 episode, take a sip every time the captain presses the "horn cutout" button.
  • Over the course of an episode, write down a list of all the new rules you think will be introduced as a result of the investigation; take a shot for every correct guess, and two shots for every wrong guess.
  • Take a sip every time the narrator says "state of the art", and two sips if someone expresses incredulity at something simply because of an aircraft being state of the art or the pilot(s) being highly experienced.
  • Take a shot if a criminal act is among the first theories considered by investigators and is disproved by the end of the episode.
  • Take a chug if an investigator is said to be facing one of the biggest challenges (or the biggest challenge) of their career.
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  • Take a shot if an interviewee speaking a foreign language says an English word or phrase which appears in the translation dub.
  • Take a shot during the initial takeoff scene (if there is one) for each of the callouts made during the takeoff roll: "80 knots" "V1" "Rotate" "V2" "Positive climb" "Gear up"
  • Take a shot whenever a wake vortex is considered as a possible cause of a crash at takeoff or landing. Take another shot if it's subsequently ruled out.

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