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Drinking Game / Mario & Luigi

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The Drinking Game for the Mario and Luigi series. There are four versions; Gameplay, Characters, Mario Bros. and Luigi.


  • Take a drink whenever you level up.
  • Take a drink when one of your player characters fall in battle.
    • Finish your drink if two of your player characters fall at the same time.
      • For Paper Jam: Finish your new drink if Paper Mario carries your team for the rest of the battle because he's so overpowered.
  • Take a drink whenever you're given a tutorial on jumping or using hammers.


  • Take a drink whenever a character says something that makes no sense.
    • Take a drink when a character responds with Visible Silence in confusion to something that made no sense.
  • Take a drink for any Oh, Crap! moments. Take another for Alertness Blink moments.
  • Whenever you cross paths with an antagonist, take a drink. If they get away from Mario (Or whoever you're playing as) before you can confront them, then finish your drink.
  • When Bowser says something snarky, take a drink.
    • When Bowser does something stupid, take a drink.
    • If Bowser does something smart, finish your drink.
  • When Starlow says something snarky, take a drink.
  • When you're being lectured in a tutorial, take a drink.
  • When someone is lampshading something, take a drink.
  • Whenever Fawful makes a food analogy, take a drink.
  • Take a drink whenever someone screams Mario's name.
  • For Dream Team: Take a drink every time Antasma screeches.

Mario Bros.


  • Take a drink if Luigi does something absolutely hilarious.
    • Take two if you laugh at it.
      • Take an extra if your drink comes out your nose.
  • Take a drink if Luigi remains in battle after Mario is defeated.
    • Take two if he finishes the battle, and another if he doesn't take damage.
  • Take a drink if Luigi screws something up.
    • Take two if it ends catastrophically.
  • Drink if Luigi screws up introducing himself.
    • Down your drink if he doesn't.
  • Take a drink when someone either forgets Luigi's name or messes it in some way.
  • Take a drink when Luigi cries.