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Drinking Game / Man vs. Wild

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Drinking rules for Man Vs Wild:

  • Drink every time Bear eats something disgusting
    • Drink twice if you've actually eaten that same thing (whether on a dare or due to survival needs)
      • Finish your drink if you actually liked said disgusting thing
  • Drink every time Bear drinks his own piss
  • Drink every time Bear jumps out of a plane
  • Drink every time Bear builds something (including a shelter or hunting weapon)
    • Drink again if it fails e.g. the raft sinks, the trap doesn't catch anything
  • Drink when Bear tells a story that involves someone being injured or killed
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  • Drink when Bear goes underground e.g. into a cave
  • Drink when Bear builds a fire
  • Drink when Bear pronounces "vitamins" as "viht-eh-mins".
  • If you see an actual bear (furry and everything), down your drink. Even if it's just a member of the crew dressed up.
  • If Bear drinks incredibly unhygienic water, drink
    • Down your drink if he administers it as an enema instead
  • Drink whenever he gives advice to the cameraman
  • Drink if he refers to being in the special forces
  • If you correct any advice Bear gives, everyone pours a share of their drink into a glass and you have to down it. No one questions the Bear, regardless how questionable his survival tips may be.

Can be played with anything from bottles of tequila to your own pee. Have fun.


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