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Drinking Game / Maicchingu Machiko-sensei

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You'll most likely run out of alcohol before you're done with this one.

For the anime, take a sip whenever:
  • Miss Machiko says "I give up!".
    • Finish your glass if it's at the end of the episode.
  • Someone touches Miss Machiko's boobs or flips her skirt.
    • Take two sips if it's not Kenta.
  • Miss Machiko loses clothing.
  • Machiko Blushes.
  • Someone falls in love with Miss Machiko.
  • Kenta says "touch!".
  • Kenta pulls a prank on the girls.
  • Mr. Yamagata gets hurt or disrespected.
  • Mr. Yamagata daydreams or says his thoughts out loud.
  • The principal justifies the school's antics.
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  • The vice principal faints.
  • The vice principal adjusts her glasses.
  • Maruko gets ignored by the boys.
  • Maruko gets angry.

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