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Drinking Game / Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Between [the kisses given by Willard Scott] and counting all of the balloons destroyed by the wind, the 1993 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade had all the makings of a fine drinking game.

  • Take a shot whenever the hosts appear to go off-script. If you're not sure, drink anyway.
    • Two if it's Willard Scott doing the ad-libbing. Oops, you're dead.
  • Take a shot for every balloon that doesn't look like it's supposed to. This will usually take the form of a body part looking deflated.
    • And another if the balloon is actually damaged (i.e. Superman having his arm torn off in 1986).
    • Two if it's from before 1997.
  • Down your drink if a balloon doesn't make it to the camera crew and they have to show archive footage.
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  • Take a shot for everytime Willard Scott does or says something potentially flirtatious with his female cohost.
  • For 1998-2005, take a shot whenever Katie Couric says something smarmy directed at Matt Lauer.
    • And again if he does it back.
  • For any pre-1993 parades, take a shot when Dick Schneider adds "magic" to a musical number.
  • Take a shot for...
    • (Pre-2000) any performers who are middle-aged/elderly and/or passé (Bert Parks, Ann Miller, Carol Channing).
    • (Post-2000) any gratuitous hitmaking acts of the year (Ashanti, Rachel Platten, Jordin Sparks).
  • Take a shot whenever a singer looks unprofessional while lipsyncing.
    • Again if they miss their cue.
  • Take a shot for every act who is on an NBC show at the time they're appearing in the parade (this does not count the hosts).
  • Take a shot for every Incredibly Lame Pun.
    • Again if they take note of how bad the pun is.
    • If this is during the Katie era (1991-2005), take another shot if she reacts to the pun with an "Arf!"
  • Take a shot if a family member (e.g. kids, spouse) is mentioned.
    • Another if they're actually shown.
  • Take a shot for every instance of corpsing.
  • Take a shot whenever a marching band performance has some sort of gimmick.
  • Take a shot if a marching band plays any of the following:
    • A song about New York (e.g. "Theme from New York, New York", "On Broadway", "42nd Street")
    • A showtune ("Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl is a frequent player here)
    • A song about their state (bonus points if it's their official state song)
    • Any combination of the three
  • Take a shot for every Cash Cow Franchise that shows up.

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