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Drinking Game / Lost Media Wiki

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Take a drink when:

  • An article is...:
    • ... written without respecting the proper title format: Name of lost media (status of loss, nature of media; year of production of media).
    • ... about the English dub of a foreign cartoon.
      • Take an extra shot if it's specifically the British or American dub of an already-in-English cartoon.
      • Take an extra shot if it's an alternative English dub of a Doraemon cartoon.
      • Take an extra shot if it's an obscure alternative English dub of some Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z episodes.
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    • ... a Wall of Text that's unclear about what it's talking about.
      • Take an extra shot if a contributor needs to do a clean-up so they know how to properly title it.
    • ... redundant in its wording, such as something like "this film became lost, and since then nobody knows where to find the film, but people have been looking for the film."
      • Take an extra shot if it's a Captain Obvious comment, such as "Sometimes, movies have deleted scenes."
    • ... copy-pasted from Wikipedia or some other source.
      • Take an extra shot if the copy-paster didn't even bother to reformat the text and layout, causing problems like broken image links.
    • ... Nickelodeon, Pokémon, or VeggieTales-related.
    • ... about a TV bumper or "TV ident".
    • ... titled with "scrapped"/"shelved" instead of "canceled", or "missing" instead of "lost".
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    • ... written in first-person like a journal entry or forum post.
    • ... updated with entries written in different paragraphs beginning with "Update: month/day/year: X has managed to find something about the lost media!", instead of being properly inserted inside the text.
    • ... about a show that does exist in some form but isn't available in full on YouTube.
  • Someone mentions:
  • A member thinks that writing to the lost media's company will make them give a copy of that media.
    • Take an extra shot if it actually works.
  • Someone comments "This deserves to be lost".
    • Take an extra shot if the article in question is tagged as "NSFL" or "NSFW", and take another one if it's tagged as both.
  • Some lost media is found... but it's only linked to a video of it that ends up getting taken down, causing the found media to become lost again since nobody thought to back up the video.
  • On the FANDOM version of the site (Lost Media Archive), down your entire bottle if you find an article which is obviously fake.