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Drinking Game / Little Witch Academia

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  • Have a drink each time everyone tells Akko not to do something and she does it anywaynote 
  • Have a drink each time Akko says she's going to be a great witch just like Shiny Chariot
  • Have a drink each time Akko and friends skirt major school rules but get off with a minor punishment
    • Have a drink each time our heroes are in the Headmistress' office being chewed out by Finnelan
  • Have a drink each time someone comments on Akko's inability to fly You can put down the drink at Ep. 25, lucky day for your liver
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  • Take a shot for every time Sucy makes a snide remark, especially one that's at Akko's expense
  • Take a drink for whenever Hannah and Barbara bully Akko Come Ep. 21, your liver will live to fight another day

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