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Drinking Game / Legends Of Sonic

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  • Whenever the series references popular media, drink.
  • Whenever Tails acts smart, drink.
    • Whenever someone other than Tails acts smart, drink twice.
    • Whenever Tails acts dumb, drink an entire bottle.
  • Whenever Tails gets injured, drink.
    • Have fun reading "Tails vs. Tero."
  • Whenever you see or know someone is getting beaten, drink.
    • If you value your life, do not read "Amy's Boyfriend."
  • Whenever you feel sympathetic for a character, drink.
    • If it's Tails, take two drinks.
  • The amount of times you see a word repeated, drink. Nothing bad will happen at-all, I swear.
  • The amount of times you've read the name 'Tails' on this page, drink.

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