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Drinking game for Left 4 Dead:

  • Take a sip whenever you kill a Special Infected.
  • Take a gulp whenever you trigger a crescendo, finish a chapter, or get incapacitated.
  • Take two gulps whenever you kill a Tank or a Witch—unless you crowned her; if so, take a sip instead.
    • Drink half a glass if you try to cr0wn a Witch and miss. Drink the other half if you were using an automatic shotgun.
  • Finish your drink whenever you complete a campaign on Expert.
  • Take a sip every time Francis says: "I hate [X]."
    • Are you TRYING to kill us?!
  • Take a sip if someone gets incapacitated in a spot where you can't reach them.
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  • Take a big swig of liquid courage if you have to fight a horde and a Tank at the same time.

Drinking game for Left 4 Dead 2:

  • Take a drink every time Nick snarks; take two every time it's in response to something another Survivor said.
  • Drink continuously whenever Ellis tells a story.
  • Take a drink whenever you encounter a Wandering Witch. (Don't try this one on Hard Rain.)
  • Drink whenever you are forced to drop an important item (gas can, Gnome Chompsky, cola, etc.) due to attacking Infected.
    • Finish the drink if you end up losing Gnome Chompsky.
  • Drink whenever you cover a Special Infected in Boomer bile.
  • Take a sip for every time Nick whines about anything germ related in The Passing or during the sewer trip in The Parish.
  • Take a sip every time the survivors swear/curse (unless it's due to a teammate spamming voice lines).
  • Take a sip if you get incapped by Spitter acid.
  • Take a celebratory shot if you get through the Sugar Mill on Hard Rain without startling any Witches, or the impound in The Parish without setting off any car alarms.
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  • Take a sip if you find laser sights (aside from the guaranteed spawn in Dead Center). Make it a shot if you're using a shotgun.note 
  • During Scavenge finales, take a shot if someone shoots a gas can.
    • Finish the drink and refrain from yelling into the mic if your team stockpiles gas cans near the thing that needs gas, only for someone to send your entire stockpile up in flames.

The Online Version:

  • Take a sip whenever you do any of the following as an infected in VS mode:
    • Pounce far enough to deal pounce damage as a Hunter
    • Spit on an incapacitated survivor as a Spitter so his friends can't help him
    • Jump down on the Survivors as a suicide Boomer
    • Pull a survivor off whatever they're supposed to be on (e.g. the roller coaster)
    • Charge a survivor off an edge for instant death as a Charger
      • Finish your drink in shame if you miss.
    • Ride a survivor back into the beginning safe room as a Jockey
    • Incapacitate a survivor as a Tank by knocking a heavy object at them
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    • Bowl into a full group of Survivors as a Charger
  • Take a gulp whenever the players call a vote to kick someone for no reason
  • Take a whole glass whenever you spawn in as a dead survivor.
  • Take a sip every time someone runs ahead or falls far behind.
    • Two sips if the said person gets attacked by a special infected.
      • Finish your drink if said person is killed by said special infected.
    • Take another sip if you're in VS. and their plan was to abandon their team and beeline for the door.
  • Take a sip for every Rage Quit in VS.
  • Take a sip if you or someone else accidentally triggers a car alarm.
    • Take two sips if you or someone else shoots it on purpose.
      • Finish the glass if all of the alarms are triggered in The Parish's Cemetery level.
  • Take a sip every time a survivor says "Grabbing Pills!"
  • Take a sip for every friendly fire incident you suffer from other players. Two sips if it results in a player being down and finish the glass if the friendly fire causes a player to die. Not recommended to try on Expert mode!
  • Take a sip if you join a team in VS. whose strategy is "Speed Run".
    • Take another if it fails, as it usually does.
    • Finish the bottle if it somehow works for once.
  • Take a sip every time you join a VS. game where you're inevitably on the losing team.
    • Take another if they're down by over 2000 points.
    • Take another if they're trying to speed run, on top of the speed run shot above.
  • Take a sip when you join in a modded server.
    • Take another if the server's MOTD completely affects your performance.
  • Take a sip when someone dies. (Easy and Normal recommended)
    • Take another if it was from a Special Infected. Take three if it's caused by two Specials.
      • Finish your drink if a Charger sends your entire team falling to their deaths.
    • Take four if it was from a Tank and they have Green health at the time.
      • Down the bottle if the whole team dies by the tank.
      • Open a new bottle if the Tank downed your entire team with a single punched car.
    • Down the bottle if you or someone else is the only one alive in the safe room.
    • Down another (and pass out) if you're the only one who escaped.
  • Take a shot if one of your teammates is spamming a voice line incessantly.
  • Take a shot if someone calls a votekick, and a second if it passes. Double up if you're the person getting votekicked.
    • Take two shots if someone votes to restart the campaign and it passes. Take an extra shot if you voted "yes".

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